Rihanna and Shakira Can’t Remember to Forget You Released Now (Video)

entertainment, rihanna, shakira, can't forget to remember you, new album, music Can’t Remember to Forget You is a sensational song collaboration between two of the hottest,  youngest singers – Rihanna and Latina beauty, Shakira. The two women appear on the sultry cover, Rihanna glamorously rests on her side, her raven-colored hair beautifully arranged across Shakira’s lap. Shakira sports frostier locks, her hand perched gently atop Rihanna’s shoulder. The song is being featured on Shakira’s upcoming album, which has not yet received an official release date.

Shakira states that singing with Rihanna was “utopia,” adding the Barbados songstress is the “sexiest woman on the plant.” Shakira shared during their time in the studio, Rihanna taught her some moves. The song is rated extremely high by listeners, calling the tune the new “it” song. With an upbeat rhythm with a twinge of reggae, the tune is certain to bring fans to appreciate the collaborative efforts. It also makes some ponder if Rihanna had an underlying concept when she expressed her lyrical delivery.


The song is titled Can’t Remember to Forget You and has lyrics that include “Land in his bed, repeat yesterday’s mistakes.” The two beauties have been hinting at a collaboration since the first of the year, especially after Rihanna posted a picture on Instagram, stating “One. Week. Countdown.” Fans anticipated the release and that arrived this morning. With Shakira’s smoky voice and Rihanna’s captivating tune, the ladies have definitely struck gold with their newest hit.

Early Monday morning, RiRi released a tweet stating the announcement was being made on-air with musical host, Ryan Seacrest. During the morning countdown fans chimed in on how much they looked forward to it. Once released, fans stated they truly thought it was one of Rihanna’s best songs. While the lyrics may seem intentional to one person formerly attached to the singer, others think it may be a sign of Rihanna moving on.

Several days ago, the Barbados sensation uploaded a picture on Instagram of Philadelphia Eagles linebacker, Mychael Kendricks with the caption, “Is it Monday? Cuz chhh…#MCM.” #MCM stands for Man Crush Mondays. Kendricks’ picture showed the NFL player emerging from slumber beneath a mound of blankets. No word if it was an upload RiRi came across, or if he was closer than expected. Fans were quick to point out that Kendricks bares a striking resemblance to ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.

Sources close to the singer state Brown sent Rihanna a letter, asking for her forgiveness. Friends state the singer scoffed at the letter and even burned it at a party, with friends following suit. In addition, an unnamed guest in attendance stated Rihanna declared, “good riddance” as the letter burned. It seems the starlet is looking to move beyond the sordid relationship the two formerly had.

While RiRi is single and free in 2014, Shakira has her hands full with baby Milan. Shakira and Gerard Piqué are proud parents of little Milan, who will be celebrating his first birthday on the 22 of this month. Shakira records and mingles in Hollywood, but her home is with her family overseas in Spain. The Latina songstress has made a name for herself, including the way she can move her hips, see her Hips Don’t Lie music video to judge for yourself.

Rihanna and Shakira collaborated on Can’t Remember to Forget You, released this morning with Ryan Seacrest. Based on fan response, hopefully these two talented, young, singers will make beautiful music together, again.

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