Rob Ford Off the Wagon

Rob Ford

Rob Ford is apparently off the wagon and quite unpleasant, according to a new video that’s surfaced of the embattled Toronto mayor.  Ford has recently admitted that he had stopped drinking altogether, but new video of the Toronto mayor sees him intoxicated, at times using Jamaican curse terms that are offensive to women, and associating with Alexandro “Sandro” Lisi.  Lisi is facing criminal charges of extortion after aggressively attempting to get the video of the mayor smoking what appears to be crack cocaine.  Lisi has a prior conviction stemming from previous threats made to kill a woman and now faces drug charges as a result of Project Brazen 2, the Toronto Police probe into the mayor’s office.

Rob Ford has become an international joke, thanks to last year’s crack cocaine video and his initial denials of having consumed it.  His stint as mayor has been fodder for comedians such as Jimmy Kimmel and has made international headlines, with newspapers such as The Australian covering anything Rob Ford.

Since the most recent video surfaced Tuesday on YouTube, Ford has become testy with reporters.  Following Instagram photos of the mayor at Muzik Nightclub, which is on the CNE Fairgrounds, a CBC reporter asked the mayor Monday if he’d been drinking this past weekend.  Ford turned the question back to the reporter, and then said he did not drink.

The Steak Queen in Etobicoke, a municipality in Toronto’s west end, hosted Ford, Lisi and others when the mayor could be heard on video, hurling epithets about Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair, before sliding into a host of Jamaican curses and slang words.  While Ford has insisted that he used the terms because he was with his friends and that’s how he relates to some of his friends, the Jamaican community has expressed their offense at his remarks.

In witnessing the latest video that shows Rob Ford is off the wagon, several city councilors expressed their disappointment with how the mayor has yet again made their city look foolish.  Some said the mayor needs to seek professional help more actively while Councilor Michael Thompson, who is Council’s only black member and is of Jamaican ancestry, admitted he, too, was offended by Ford’s remarks.

Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly said Tuesday that Ford’s continued shenanigans have put the reputation of Toronto at risk.  If one was to listen to the late night pundits, however, it’s fairly clear that the damage has been done.  In his Tuesday night show, Kimmel thanked Canada for Rob Ford, noting that the previous two months of silence has come to an end and that the mayor’s behavior makes up for the antics of another embattled Canadian, pop star Justin Bieber.

Rob Ford may be off the wagon, but he continues to trumpet his private life as being private.  He has come out and said that what he does in his personal life is his own business and surprisingly, continues to enjoy support from the group of voters known as “Ford Nation”.  Many have said that the mayor is simply a forthright sort of man and they would continue to vote for him, particularly when the city of Toronto heads to the polls October 27, 2014.

By Christina St-Jean


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