Robots in Every Home

robotsCES 2014 has reminded people that the time is near to embrace a future where robots will be seen in every home. Some people see this as an exciting and awe inspiring movement in technology. Other members of the human race view it as a frightening science fiction story coming to life.

One way to win over those afraid of the technology is to show them how helpful, reliable and safe the robots are. Starter robots like the well known Rumba can be just the ticket in. The robotic floor vacuum has been followed this year by a robot named Winbot that can wash windows. There is also a robot made by the same company that invented Rumba. It can scrub the kitchen floor.

Asimo is a robot that has been around since 2002. He was made by Honda and has been winning people over by his unthreatening look and pleasant demeanor. Human characteristics are seamlessly intertwined into his robotic body.

Another way to introduce and welcome robots so they can live in every home would be through games and toys. Disco Robo is a new dancing robot that hears music and then creates his best moves to it. He is fun for all ages and will dance to any type of music. Jumping Sumo is a new robotic toy that does just what it says. This two-wheeled robot can jump, turn and spin around. It is controlled through a Wi-Fi device.

Budgee is a robot made for usefulness. If a person is using Bluetooth, this robot can track and follow that person anywhere. Budgee’s eye color is changeable and he has the ability to carry a lot of items wherever he goes.

Grillbot was one of the attractions that caught the eye of those who would rather have someone else clean the barbeque grill. It can clean the grill with the push of a button. It utilizes steel brushes to leave the cooking surface spotless. The Grillbot comes with a timer and it alert’s its user when finished.

One interesting robot was Tyche. This little robot was created by the company AI Brain. The website has a list of its mission, vision and values. Everything on the list was designed to help humans. Tyche can recognize and communicate with humans. It can also interact with other Tyches.

Tyche can learn, remember, perceive and solve problems. It is for ages eight through adults. This new robot comes with interchangeable avatars and facial expressions. There is voice chat, face detection and recognition. A tracking feature is also included.

Tyche even comes with a choice of three different cars. It can drive a sports car, classic or bulldozer. It looks like a smart phone going for a ride.

Robots can also provide security and take care of people in nursing homes and hospitals. There is a companion robot called Paro. It has the look of a harp seal and is plush, fluffy and cuddly. Its fur is antibacterial. Paro is known as the most therapeutic robot in the world.

There are, of course, robots that are being created for use outside of the home. Some of these robots are extremely intense. The things they can do are amazing.

CES has come a long way as can be observed over the years through a comparison of their robot displays. A mere eight years earlier, there was a showing of a lot less robots. This has certainly changed with the 2014 show. CES could easily be a sign of robots becoming more and more a part of daily life. It would also mean that the future is moving closer and closer to people living with robots in every home. Humans are gradually welcoming the idea into their lives everyday.

by: Saki Kahala



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