SimCity to Release New Offline Version of Game

SimCity To Release New Offline Version of Game

The creators of SimCity have just announced they are about to release an offline version of the game to the public. This news arrives after there were many problems in the launching of the most current release of the game in which players can build a city. It was a prerequisite for players to be online. By demanding an internet connection, the ploy was seen as an effort to try to stop piracy, but many players struggled to be able to log in. This brand new offline version will be offered to all players as a free download with update 10 once all testing on it is done.

SimCity use to be a game that was stand-alone until March of 2013. That was when the makers released a new online-only type of the game. The launch has been overwhelmed by problem after problem, with quite a few gamers stating they have had to wait at least 30 minutes before they could begin building their cities. Numerous others stated that game was very slow once they began playing, that it was sluggish to respond to any type of changes, and it crashed many times.

When the problems were reported,, Lucy Bradshaw, who is the head of Maxis, which owns SimCity, explained that an offline, single-player mode really did not go with its vision for the urban planning out game and that the majority of people wanted the multi-player online version instead. However, in a blog post that was put up this past weekend, the general administrator of Maxis, Patrick Buechner, wrote that SimCity offline was on its way. He stated that he had wanted to be able to reveal that news for quite some time. He added that when it was launched, all of a player’s prior downloaded content would also be available anywhere, anytime and without any need for internet connections.

It was explained that the offline version would allow players to make changes to the game and any of its components without destroying the online game’s integrity. Graham Smith, a professional player who writes about games, exclaimed that he believed the announcement was good. The offline approach is a major boom to SimCity. If a person does not have any type of internet connection or even one that is shoddy, this will end up being the difference between playing or not.

Maxis is in the very last stages of completing the offline version developments. There is also a nod to the prior launch that has been included. The creators stated that even though they want to get the game into the players’ hands as soon as possible, the top priority is to be sure that the game is as ready as possible before it is released.

SimCity finally has a chance to be fun again for gamers. If game designers are able to get past SimCity’s flaws and start to figure out what ways there are to make this game work correctly, there will be brand new life found here.  However the simple foundations of the game appears to be defective and only time will tell if any amount of tweaking will be able to save the game. SimCity has just announced they are about to release the offline version of the game to the general public.

By Kimberly Ruble

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