Sooner Than Later Oklahoma University Pummels Alabama

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Sooner than later, Oklahoma University pummels Alabama, 45-31 in the Sugar Bowl last Thursday evening. Roll over, Crimson Tide, here comes the crimson and cream to smooth out the tide. Bob Stoops, the head coach of the Oklahoma University football team, has now been the winner of the Sugar, Orange, Rose and Fiesta Bowls.  Stoops has also managed a record of 160-39 games won for Oklahoma. There are rumors suggesting he may leave college football and head to Ohio to coach the Cleveland Browns. Stoops only says, “You never know.”

The OU Sooners have been the pride of Norman, Oklahoma since most can remember. From their first season in 1945, the Sooners have had a stellar program, with coaches that went on to even more successful careers.  The program began in 1895 and is the most successful program of the modern era, with 567 wins and a winning percentage of .763 since the beginning.

The football team has had seven national conference wins, 44 conference championships, 154 All-Americans and five Heisman Trophy winners. It was the home of players such as the Selmon brothers Lee Roy, Lucius and Dewey, who played defense and the quarterback. Steve Davis, who had Joe Washington as a running back to carry the ball. Barry Switzer, a legendary coach during OU’s premiere season during the seventies. Switzer was a powerhouse in bringing victory to the Oklahoma team.

In 1978, Billy Sims received the Heisman Trophy award, taking the ball and rushing for more yards than any other – a record which stood for 26 years. In the 80’s OU football took a turn for the worse, as scandal and a loosening of the team caused more losses that were unacceptable to OU fans. Switzer still accomplished record wins and under his coaching, the OU Sooners captured twelve conference championships.

Now, Sooner than later, Oklahoma University pummeled Alabama in a decisive win at the Sugar Bowl, played in New Orleans’ Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

The Crimson Tide fans were none too happy with the results of Thursday’s bowl game. During the game, Michelle Pritchett, an Alabama superfan and mother of a 16-year-old son and two daughters, decided to take the heckling of the rival group towards her son into her own hands. Or feet. Pritchett dove into a crowd of young OU fans, because they were taunting her son.  She ended up putting her boot print on one of the fan’s shirt. Pritchett’s daughters were crying, as the family were asked to leave the stadium.

Pritchett asked for forgiveness from Nick Saban, Alabama’s coach and from the Crimson Tide team. She was not upset about her behavior, however and said she would do it again if the same circumstances presented themselves. The group had called her a “stupid b****” and she decided to take on the whole group herself.

Coach Bob Stoops may be leaving the college scene to join the NFL coaching team of the Cleveland Browns, since they are searching for a new coach. The last coach, Rob Chudzinski, lasted only one season. With Cleveland fans less than impressed by the amount of losses their team has sustained, the addition of Stoops to the team would be a relief.

For now, the Oklahoma University Sooners have made their mark on the Crimson Tide by pummeling the Alabama team at this year’s Sugar Bowl. “I’m Sooner Born, I’m Sooner bred, and when I die, I’ll be Sooner dead. Rah, Oklahoma, rah Oklahoma, rah Oklahoma, OK you!

By Lisa M Pickering

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