Sprint Dumps One Up Early Upgrade Plan Adds Framily Plans and Easy Pay

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Sprint is the first carrier, of the major four carriers, to dump their early upgrade plan called One Up. The third largest carrier states it is not totally removing the early upgrade option for customers – they are formulating a better concept. Instead of the One Up plan, Sprint customers can review the brand new Framily plans, that is no spelling error. The Framily plan is intended to allow customers to add up to 10 devices, regardless if for family, friends, etc. In addition, Sprint still will offer an installment plan called Sprint Easy Pay.

With T-Mobile knocking carriers down, it was time for another to step up and change the idea of the game. It seems since last year, it is T-Mobile providing innovative steps for the mobile industry. Perhaps, Sprint had enough of playing follow the leader and ventured out on their own. How do these new plans work?

The Framily plan is that perfect product customers have been seeking for. A way to add up to 10 individuals on a plan, but have each person billed separately or group certain bills together. It sounds like a billing nightmare, but the concept is an attractive one for consumers, especially those with adult children.  In addition, Sprint is offering a discount per each person added to the plan.  The lowest discount is $25 per line which happens when seven lines are added. That would be $25 per line, plus the $20 fee for the unlimited data per phone. There is an additional feature as well to ease the One Up upgrade removal.

Sprint Dumps One Up Early Upgrade Plan Adds Framily Plans

Sprint advises if a customer adds the unlimited data feature for $20 per line, customers can upgrade at once they reach 12 months. If a customer does not want the unlimited data and does not care about upgrading, 1GB of data is provided per each line, which makes it a great and really a unique concept.

The Framily plan provides a level of privacy and more importantly, a level of responsibility for those on the plan. In addition to the exciting Framily plan, Sprint is introducing the Sprint Easy Pay. This seems to be the possible replacement of the One Up plan, with conditions. The Sprint Easy Pay allows customers to spread payments over 24 months, but one feature lacking? This program does not permit an early upgrade. The Sprint Easy Pay is specifically a way to afford a phone or tablet at an affordable monthly cost. Additionally, Sprint notes, a down payment will be required.

One advantage to the Easy Pay compared to other installment plans? Customers can pay more monthly to pay off the phone faster. This is not typically a feature available for competitor installment plans, who regiment customers on their dedicated payment plan. Instead of being limited on devices, Sprint is allowing customers to add up to 10 varying devices on the Sprint Easy Pay plan. This could be a great option for future devices as seemingly, the price of smartphones are going up as technology emerges.

Sprint Dumps One Up Early Upgrade Plan Adds Framily Plans

Sprint may had dumped the One Up early upgrade plan, but they are honoring it for customers currently in the plan – well up until they upgrade. Current customers should review their accounts for details. The Sprint Easy Pay plan is available only in Sprint or retailer approved stores. The newly added Framily plans can be reviewed as early as today to see if the savings are worth the switch. Thoughts and opinions on this move from Sprint? Share in the comments.


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7 Responses to "Sprint Dumps One Up Early Upgrade Plan Adds Framily Plans and Easy Pay"

  1. Jason   January 21, 2014 at 2:55 pm

    Here is a work around for those wanting to be on the framily plan but “do not qualify” or you are “unable to merge existing accounts”.

    First, make sure that all accounts have the same billing address even if you have different residences. For those wanting to merge their accounts you will need to decide whose address the bill will go to. After deciding this you will each need to contact sprint and change your billing addresses to the one you decided to go with.

    Next, wait approximately a day or two for the system to reflect the new billing address for those that had to change it.

    Lastly, all parties need to get together or do a conference call with sprint and have your accounts merged so that you can take advantage of the framily plan.

    Sprint is waiving the $15 charge for those who purchased a discounted device prior to 1/10/14 for a limited time so you will be able to avoid this charge if you act quickly. But, if you upgraded your phone after 1/10/14 you will not be able to avoid this $15 charge but its only charged for 12 months.

    Having the same billing addresses is the only work-a-round to merging existing accounts. This is a personal experience after no less than 10 calls to sprint customer service over the last 4 days. Today we were finally able to merge all of our accounts together (mine, my parents, and my brother 8 lines total).

    I hope this helps anyone running into those customer service roadblocks.

  2. North2AK   January 15, 2014 at 11:35 am

    You will not be able to combine already existing Sprint accounts into a Framily Plan. We found this out the hard way last night after 4 hours at the Sprint store. My family has two accounts, with three lines each on them. The Framily plan seemed like a great way to reduce the cost by having all 6 lines in one Framily plan. However, we were eventually told that the Framily plan is primarily designed to lure in new customers and is not for existing customers. So instead of having one Framily plan with 6 lines at $30 each, we are only allowed to have a Framily plan for each of the existing accounts. Each Framily plan with only 3 lines will bill at $45 each. So if its sounds too good to be true, there’s a good chance it is.

    • Travis   January 16, 2014 at 7:36 am

      That’s odd. After a brief phone call to the phone support I was able to switch mine over and add my roommate’s plan (both existing). I think the people in the store didn’t have the proper training yet (the manager couldn’t do it when I went in). Luckily, I work for geek squad and know that the phone support team has much better training and systems to work with. Call them, explain what happened, and they can fix it.

      • Lisa   April 17, 2014 at 10:10 am

        So I can existing sprint customers on my framily plan? How do I go about doing this? Th there’s a bunch of people just joining the framily plan that only have a couple people and would probably love to merge with others. Please help!!

    • Jason   January 21, 2014 at 2:58 pm

      Please read my comment regarding the work-a-round that I posted above your comment.

  3. RKSoni   January 14, 2014 at 11:07 am

    I just say Sprint have just changed the way of One up, now it is for “Framily” with unlimited plan”….. www.telecomvibe.com

  4. Adam Mingledorff   January 14, 2014 at 10:12 am

    I’ve had a listing on CL for months doing my own version of this plan. In other words, I was asking for other folks to join my family plan to help me reduce my plan and most likely reduce theirs as well. Since I had 1500 shared minutes a no tier below it at the time it was really my only option. This seems like a good step for me. But, I’m looking for someone to find all the hiccups in it before I through my hat in the ring.

    We need more Cons on this review. Anyone? Beulah?

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