Sunanda Pushkar Autopsy Found Bite Mark on Hand

Sunanda Pushkar

The Crime Branch investigating the shadowy death of Sunanda Pushkar has gone for the cutting-edge forensic tests to determine the cause of wounds on her body, as it tries to untangle whether it was a case of suicide, murder or accident. Autopsy report revealed that Sunanda Pushkar’s left hand had a bite mark, which is enough evidence to incite curiosity for the investigators.

The investigators said that the doctors who performed the autopsy on her body had conserved Pushkar’s skin samples where several wounds were found. They will perform advanced pathological tests like histopathology to decide how deep-rooted the wounds were and the reasons.

According to the latest details evolving out of the forensic analysis, a profound bite mark was found on her palm. Union Minister Shashi Tharoor’s wife Sunanda, 52, was found dead on Friday night in a five-star guesthouse in South Delhi.

The autopsy report has a found combination of 2 drugs – Excedrin and Alprazolam – in Pushkar’s body; Excedrin is a blend of caffeine, aspirin and acetaminophen.

On Tuesday, a magistrate who investigated Pushkar’s demise, had engaged the police to probe homicide or suicide perspectives on the case after the autopsy analysis stated “poisoning” as the culprit for her death. The bite mark found in the autopsy report of Sunanda Pushkar is under severe scrutiny, it seems, especially when everyone in India is looking forward to know the exact reason of such a tragic event.

The “Deep Bite Mark” and the “Drugs” found have given this case a mysterious turn and the crime branch has sprung into action. Even if the “poisoning” was due to some unknown drugs, the bite mark appears has some significance.

Pushkar’s son from her second marriage, Shiv Menon, did come out in public to assert that media outrage is one of the reasons of her death. He said, “An unfortunate combination of media stress, tensions and a wrong mix of different medications” led to her death.

He did mention his father’s name, Shashi Tharoor, in the statement conveying that Shashi Tharoor was always very nice to his mother and never abused her. He also said that they loved each other very much despite all the differences.

The body of the 52 year old Pushkar was found in a hotel called Leela Palace, a day after the twitter fight with Mehr Tarar. Mehr Tarar is a Pakistani journalist and had allegedly been conversing Shashi Tharoor. Pushkar accused her husband of having an affair with the journalist. Due to this media spat between these personalities, the overall scenario of Sunanda Pushkar’s death has taken a rather dramatic turn than was expected.

However, due to the media frenzy over this issue, the private life of Union Minister and his son is getting quite messy. He requested the media to cease all the speculations about his late wife so that she can rest in peace.

As the investigation is under the scrutiny of the Delhi Crime Branch, it can be reasonably expected that the truth will emerge soon, whatever be the reason of her death. Whether the autopsy report of the bite marks on Sunanda Pushkar’s hand is a self-inflicted one or not, this case does have some mystery in it.

By Sunando Basu

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One Response to "Sunanda Pushkar Autopsy Found Bite Mark on Hand"

  1. Guptan Veemboor   January 25, 2014 at 9:34 pm

    The death in all probability has happened not due to Alprazolam-Excdrin combination but by some other potent and dangerous drug. These drugs cannot cause death and that too sudden as revealed in the autopsy. The drug has to be something which stops the heart suddenly which will cause the brain to be short of oxygen and cease to function. Cocaine can induce such death. It is used by drug addicts and those who really wants it can get. Here the significance of the bite injury on the hand comes. Cocaine acts fastest when given into the blood stream or as a smoke into the lungs. Intravenous injection is the fastest. Is it not possible that if some cocaine crystals are rubbed into the deep wound in the palm. It will get into the blood stream and stop the heart very quickly. It was possible that already the woman was lying half conscious after taking the over dose of Alprazolam. Then whosoever has done it can rub the wound clean of any remaining crystals. And the excess of Alprazolam will take the rap for the death. This was done by someone very clever and knew how to hide the facts.

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