Sunanda Pushkar Brother Rajesh Pushkar Defends Shashi Tharoor

Sunanda Pushkar

Sunanda Pushkar’s family members have criticized media for “slanderous” reporting of her demise. Her brother Rajesh Pushkar issued a comment in place of Sunanda’s father, saying they were intensely disturbed with the media’s insensible journalism in her death starting rumors about the connection of Shashi Tharoor and Sunanda. Rajesh Pushkar, the brother of Sunanda Pushkar, defended Shashi Tharoor by saying that the idea of the Union Minister harming his own wife was absolutely preposterous.

The 52 year old lady was found deceased in a 5-star guesthouse in South Delhi on Jan., 17, a day after her Twitter fight with Pakistani reporter Mehr Tarar over an apparent affair with the Union Minister. Following the tragic incident, the formal press report released by Sunanda’s brother has full-fledged support for the Union Minister.

The report said that the journey of the couple was always very smooth and full of love. If there were any differences at all, it was only momentary in nature. The incidents of unhappiness which used to occur between the couple are prevalent in every family. So, there is no implication of these petty issues in the mysterious demise of the 52 year old lady. Hence, it is very clear from the report that Rajesh Pushkar trusts his brother-in-law to a great extent, and that Shashi Tharoor will get all the mental support from the relatives.

Not only her brother, Sunanda’s son Shiv Menon had also delivered a related speech on Jan 21, saying that his mother was a resilient woman and Tharoor couldn’t have maltreated her. Sunanda was found lifeless in a hotel room under shadowy circumstances Jan 17. Her son and brother demanded a prompt inquiry into the case “to put an end to the reports that are hurting” the close relatives. The investigation into the high-profile case was reassigned to the Crime Branch on Thursday seeing its “delicate nature” and “intricacies” involved. Rajesh Said, “”I have known my sister to be an angel at heart but too often impulsively say things she did not mean and withdraw them later.”

Rajesh Pushkar, a serving Colonel in Indian Army, was quite close to his sister and brother-in-law. It is quite evident that the latest media uproar about his sister’s death has made him very uncomfortable. All the reports pouring in through the social media, especially, have been really intrusive, it seems. The press report not only defended the Union Minister, but also criticized the media for over blowing the issue.
Pushkar said, “I would request that the matter be put to rest so that peace can be bestowed on the departed soul.” He continued saying that that the investigation should be concluded as soon as possible, to relieve the family of any more hurtful rumors.

When the investigation will end, is a difficult thing to answer. However, a Police Official told the Economic Times, “It will be a comprehensive probe into all angles.” Whether it is a homicide, a suicide or an accident, can only be answered after the investigation is conducted. Although the probe is not yet finished, the official comment of Rajesh Pushkar to defend Sunanda Pushkar’s husband Shashi Tharoor is definitely commendable with regard to the support given to him.

By Sunando Basu

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