Sundance Film Festival 2014 Emphasis on Music

2014 Sundance Film Festival

The annual Sundance Film Festival begins tomorrow, January 16. 2014 marks the 26th anniversary for the film festival, which is known for upcoming talent in cinema as well as music. Utah plays host to this energetic event from January 16 through 26. This year’s event will hold special emphasis on music due to important connection it holds with cinema. There will be a large number of live music performances going on at multiple locations, some with very well known artists. 

Robert Redfored founded the Sundance Film Festival in 1978 and now it has flourished into a wide-known event that helps new talent get their work to an immense audience. The festival not only demonstrates talented folks through cinema, but also music, which can play a great role in a film. January 19 is the day in which music will take center stage for a special event titled, “A Celebration of Music in Film.”

The connection that directors and cinema have with music is a deep one. Music can highlight a subtle theme of great importance that a film might have trouble demonstrating otherwise. Director of the Sundance Institute film and music program, Peter Golub, commented on the importance of music in this years festival, “Our Sunday night ‘Celebration’ puts a spotlight on the crucial role that music plays in filmmaking by presenting the most exciting music from this year’s slate of films.”

Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers will be performing with the band Low Down and composer Ohad Talmor. The indie pop group Belle and Sebastian will also be performing at the festival’s Music Cafe. Kendrick Lamar will make an appearance at the festival as will Ludacris. A lot of the music being played will be local and will be playing nearly non-stop. The festival has a number of different venues for artists to perform at including ASCAP Music Cafe, Sicilla Pizza, Downstairs, and Park City Live.

The variety of films at the Sundance Film Festival is staggering. Some mainstream actors make appearances such as Ryan Reynolds in The Voices, Kristen Stewart in Camp X-ray, Michael Fassbender will be in Frank and 12 Years a Slave, Paul Rudd will be in They Came Together with Amy Poehler also. You might recognize the young boy from I am Legend and Charlie St. Cloud, Charlie Tahan, who will be in Love Is Strange. Remember that there are many new directors and actors to be enjoyed in this festival; all of the 120 plus films being shown were selected from a stockpile of more than 4,000.

The Sundance Film Festival happens annually. This year holds heavy emphasis on the music in films that bring the whole picture together. The eleven day festival takes place in Park City, Utah, and begins tomorrow January 16. A huge number directors, bands, and actors will be making debuts this year. More known directors, bands, and actors will be there as well. The event will be an exciting venue for many to make a place in the world.


By Garrett Jutte


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