Surgeon Endures Walking Six Miles in Blinding Snow to Save Patient’s Life

Surgeon A brain surgeon endured walking six miles in a blinding snow storm to save a patient’s life in Alabama this week. Dr. Zenko Hrynkiw was six miles away from Trinity Medical Center when he got called in to perform an emergency operation. He jumped into a car only to find that traffic was completely gridlocked due to the blizzard-like conditions which occurred in the southern region of the U.S. earlier this week. Traffic was backed up for many miles, and the delay might very well have cost the patient his life had Dr. Hrynkiw not taken matters into his own hands. He was talking with a nurse on a cell phone to try to keep the nurse apprised of his whereabouts, but the call kept breaking up. The nurse, Steve Davis, says that at one point he could hear Hrynkiw say “I’m walking.” The staff quickly grew concerned due to the poor conditions outside and called police, who began looking for Hrynkiw. However, police were not able to find the intrepid surgeon, who had taken it upon himself to exit the vehicle and begin his six mile journey to the medical center against blinding snow and wind. Davis said the police combed the area for a while but were unable to locate Hrynkiw. When Hrynkiw arrived at Trinty Medical center, he seemed rather cavalier about enduring his adventure and even later told reporters that it was “no big deal.” His thoughts were exclusively with the wellbeing of his waiting patient despite the fact that the dangerous storm caused the death of five people and enormous traffic jams. The patient had “a massive bleed in the brain that was deteriorating” said Hrynkiw when interviewd. He explained that due to today’s technology he was able to see the patient’s CT scan on his phone to determine that the situation was a definite emergency. He said that while attempting to drive to the hospital “there were accidents to the right and left of me and it was not passible.” He called the journey “kind of fun” and said that he’s not afraid of snow even though at the time, he happened to be wearing just his scrubs and slip-on shoes commonly used in the operating room. At one point, he says, he got very cold so he briefly sat inside an ambulance that was stopped on the road to warm up. However, as soon as he realized that traffic wasn’t going to be moving anytime soon, he got out and continued his walk through the hazardous conditions. During the surgeon’s trek, he also stopped to assist numerous people who were stuck in spinning vehicles, pushing them out of the ditches the snow and ice had made. Eventually, he says, a passing car picked him up and carried him the rest of the way. When he arrived at the hospital, the patient was prepped and ready for surgery. Hrynkiw says that due to the patient’s severe condition, the fact the patient survived is “miraculous.” The patient had been facing a 90% chance of death, says Hrynkiw. Still, the heroic surgeon remains very modest about enduring the blinding, freezing snow and wind by walking six miles to save his patient’s life. “It really wasn’t that big of a deal,” he says, while shrugging.”I walk a lot.” By: Rebecca Savastio Sources: Daily Mail NPR Fox News

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