Syria Gruesome Behaviors Reminiscent of a Nazi Death Camp

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Syria: Gruesome photos showing starvation, torture and beatings, reminiscent of a Nazi death camp, have been discovered. A team of world-renowned forensic experts and war crime prosecutors has discovered concrete evidence of methodical torture behaviors and killings by President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government, according to a report completed by team’s lawyer. Out of respect of victims and their families, Guardian Liberty Voice will not post those photos.

The team states the pictures of dead bodies of the alleged prisoners murdered while in the Syrian government custody would hold up in a criminal tribunal. David Crane, one of the authors of the report stated, the evidence clearly showed the Syrian government’s a killing machine. The evidence is irrefutable.

The bodies in the pictures showed gruesome behavioral signs of torture, starvation, strangulation, ruthless beatings and killing, according to the team’s report. Striated bruises on the torsos of the bodies are indicative of being beaten repeatedly with a blunt object. Several bodies had bruising around the neck indicative of strangulation.

Experts scrutinized pictures of 150 people, 62 percent of the individuals showed signs of emaciation such as: critically low weight with a shrunken, scrawny appearance evident in starvation. The bulk of the group consisted of men between the ages of 20 and 40-years old.

A complicated ordering system had been established to organize the corpses with only admissible intelligent offices aware of the identities of the bodies.
According to the report, it was difficult for investigators to keep track of which agency service was responsible for the killing and then a false document was created showing the person died in a hospital.

Sir Desmond de Silva, former chief prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Silva and one of the lawyers who compiled the report compared the Syrian bodies to Holocaust survivors from a Nazi death camp. The emaciated men were the result of starvation as a means of torture, reminiscent of photos of those found alive in the death camps after WWII, he stated in a CNN interview.

In an interview with Christiane Amanpour, de Silva said, without a shadow of a doubt, the evidence could result in charges of crimes against humanity for the Nazi death camp condition of the victims who were starved, tortured and beaten to death in Syria.

Throughout the war, the Syrian government has denied all accusations regarding abuses of human rights and blamed terrorists for the violence. The report was made possible by a Syrian defector code-named Caesar along with 27,000 pictures he supplied. 55,000 images have been taken out of the country in total.

Caesar was a photographer with the military police, according to the report. When the war started, Caesar was assigned to photograph the dead detainees. He reported he would photograph up to 50 corpses a day; he even took pictures of a group of bodies that looked like a “slaughterhouse.”

The report’s authors stated the order to photograph and document the killings suggest the executions were systematic in nature and ordered from higher-level authorities.

The documentation of the killings may have provided a way of registering a person’s death without the family being allowed to view the body. Or the documentations may have been evidence proving the executions have been carried out, according to the report.

The report was released a few days before the Geneva II meeting, the latest attempt for a conciliatory solution to end Syria’s bloody war and put a stop to the starvation, torture and beating behaviors taking place in Syria that is so reminiscent of the Nazi death camps.


By Deborah Baran


NY Times

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