Tiger Woods Not Doing so Hot


Tiger Woods did not start off doing so hot in the first round of the 2014 Farmer’s Insurance Open. The golfer suffered many fairway follies during the opening round. His first nine holes at Torrey Pines were a great difficulty for the player, who was the subject of a major celebrity cheating scandal some time ago.

Woods could only manage a par 72. 14 of those were par, but the shaky Woods also shot some bogeys and birdies for the round too. During the round, he smashed into some bunkers, which held him back during the game. Woods isn’t managing the leaderboard, and he will have a way to go to catch up to the rest of the skilled pack out there.

Woods was not playing his consistent game, one that held him at the top of the golf world’s echelon during the early part of his career. This time, he couldn’t manage to come away from the tee with any good momentum, so he fell behind the others quickly. Chuck Klink, for example, finished with eight under par. That is difficult to contend with. Klink was the leader in the round at the Farmer’s Insurance Open.

Some of Woods’ shots were spot on, though many others were unpredictable and out of Woods’ typical golf persona. Now, Woods hasn’t always been the strongest from the get-go but this round was exceptionally inconsistent, enough so to set him back a ways. For instance, Woods gave back a number of shots that could have put him up a few positions into the lead, but his follies got the best of his game. Tiger Woods was not so happy about his less than hot performance at the Farmer’s Insurance Open.

Woods will play the North Course next, where the player averages are a bit easier to conquer than the much tougher South Course. Woods took the playoffs at this same venue in the 2008 U.S. open, so he may have been a tad disappointed. The environment always plays a crucial role in golf, however, and according to some reports, conditions were not nearly as forgiving this time around. Reports noted that the green appeared to be very firm, indicated so by the bouncing of the ball in relativity to the flag height. Woods was excited about Torrey Pines and he said that he worked on his swing to prepare, so things in the next round might turn out different for him.

The averages hovered around 70 for the North Course, but both are challenging regardless. The 38-year-old Woods hasn’t had the honor of getting another title win like the one in 2008 but he remains hopeful for the future. However, if he wants to do that he will have to avoid playing the way he did in the first round at the Farmers Insurance Open in San Diego.

Tiger Woods may not have been doing so hot in the first round at the Farmers Insurance Open, but the talented player has plenty of time to perfect his game in this sport.

By Rob Lawson


Bleacher Report


New Straits Times

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