Tourist From Denmark Gang-raped In India



Once again, the insecure image of India capital came alive as nightmare. A tourist from Denmark was gang-raped and robbed at the heart of Indian capital near a boisterous shopping mall area. The 51 yrs old Danish tourist was attacked, assaulted and robbed at knife-point on Tuesday evening when she asked about the direction to her hotel. India, a country that boasts of worshiping tourists, sees them being raped regularly.

In the recent past, the capital of India, New Delhi, made headlines, due to a series of rape cases. Either tourists or Indian women, no one was spared from this social scar. tourists were attacked a number of times either for money or for cheap pleasure. Two years ago, British teen Scarlett was raped and murdered on a popular Goa beach. This news managed to startle the whole world. On March, 2013, a Swiss woman was raped while cycling through the isolated streets with her husband. To extend the list of stigma, the Danish tourist was attacked and gang-raped near Connauoght Place, police spokesman Rajan Bhagat said. The 51-year-old Danish woman somehow managed to reach her hotel on Tuesday evening and the owner called police.


“When she arrived, she was miserable,” said Amit Bahl, owner of the Amax Hotel. He said the woman was crying and “not in good state.” He describes it as a worst tragedy he had ever experienced. “I am truly ashamed of what happened to her.” He fears foreign tourists will more likely ignore India and the country’s tourist industry will suffer as a result. The gang-rape case of the Danish Tourist revealed the true condition for tourists in India.

The Danish woman was visiting India alone and had already traveled extensively. She had seen the Taj Mahal on Monday morning; apparently, she had been in Delhi since then. Though Police could not arrest a single suspect, the search goes on. A spokesman for the Police confirmed the investigation. They have started asking a few people who could have some connection with the case.

“There is definitely more than one person involved in this episode. However, we will later disclose how many people we are looking for.” Mr Bhagat said. He further added “The Danish woman has left India this morning on flight, which she had booked earlier.”

According to the woman, the suspects are young vagabonds and they had taken her mobile along with some cash. Police have detained six suspects in the case on the basis of facts provided by the woman. Indian Policemen raided several places to catch the suspected vagabonds.

Police have arrested 15 people who are suspects in similar cases. Among them, a few must know information about the rape case. The attecks on foreign tourists are shameful for the country.

In India, the condition of foreign tourists is deteriorating lately. They are continuously either attacked or being molested. When a tourist is gang-raped, it is obviously a slur. The Indian Government has toughened the laws to stop violence against women. Rapists spare neither a child nor an old lady. Last month a teen girl committed suicide after being gang-raped for the second time. The rape culture is still on in India. In most cases the victims are suicidal or have been murdered due to the callousness of the government. Still, there is no sign of any improvement of the condition. This rape case only points out the insecure condition of women in India.

Editorial by Jayeeta Shamsul

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