Unknown Pharaoh Tomb Discovery Stuns Egyptologists

Unknown Pharaoh Tomb Discovery Stuns Egyptologists

The finding of a formerly unknown pharaoh’s tomb has completely stunned Egyptologists, according to a report that has been released. Archaeologists that have come from the University of Pennsylvania discovered the pharaoh, King Woseribre Senebkay this week. He is believed to have lived during the mysterious Abydos dynasty. The discovery happened at the site of Abydos, which is located about 300 miles to the south of Cairo.

The mystery pharaoh’s tomb has four chambers, and is believed to be nearly 3,600 years old. It was packed full of pieces of limestone which had various images of goddesses carved in them. There were also numerous goddess drawings which also shown Isis, Nieth, Selket and Nepthys lining the chamber walls of the sarcophagus.

Dr. Josef Wegner, who was in charge of directing the archaeological team from the university, stated that this discovery was particularly exhilarating due to the mysterious nature surrounding the entire Abydos dynasty. He explained that it was very exciting to discover not only the tomb of an unknown pharaoh to this date, but also the burial ground of the entire overlooked dynasty. The work that continues in these royal crypts of the Abydos Dynasty promises to bring new light on the political past and the general public of a vital but poorly understood time period of Ancient Egypt.

Dr. Wegner and his group found the mysterious pharaoh completely by accident. They were instead working on exhuming the tomb of the pharaoh, King Sobekhotep, when they discovered Senebkay’s crypt earlier this month. Senebkay was found to be buried within a wooden coffin that was contained inside a stone tomb. The Abydos dynasty actually has never been fully confirmed, but discovering this mysterious pharaoh and his burial site will lend support to many theories about the rulers of the time. Engravings on the tomb told that Senebkay was the king of both lower and upper Egypt. It also said he was the son of King Re.

If there had not been collaboration from Egypt’s Council of Antiquities, the discovery would never have been possible. This new find brings more physical evidence that there was actually a third ruling dynasty of pharaohs. They were the rulers around a middle part of Egypt during what is called the Second Intermediate Period.

There could be the remains of as many as 20 other pharaohs close to King Senebkay’s entombment area. The researchers discovered that there had been evidence of looting within the burial vault. After they went inside the tomb, they saw that King Senebkay’s mummified casing had been torn apart. Furthermore, numerous decorations and ornaments had been stolen from the vault.

The archeologists worked hard and were able to piece together the majority of Senebkay’s skeleton except for his missing jaw bone. The researchers were able to confirm that the king had been approximately 5 feet 10 inches tall and had died in sometime in his 40’s. These findings of the formerly unknown pharaoh Senebkay and his tomb will surely help to enlighten stunned Egyptologists for months and maybe years to come on the mysterious Abydos dynasty.

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