Vin Diesel Katy Perry Dance Party Video

Vin Diesel Katy Perry Dance Party Video

Tuesday, Vin Diesel fans were given a gift when they received a seven minute dance party video featuring the handsome actor and Katy Perry. The action star known for films like Fast and Furious and the Sci-Fi film Riddick, is also known for one of the largest followings on Facebook where he posts outlandish videos and selfies. These videos are generally offered up as thanks to his fans or a tribute to a friend. However, halfway through his Tuesday offering, Diesel stopped to make the announcement that a third Riddick movie could be in the works; thanks in no small part to his incredible fan base. His announcement was done in part because filming Fast and Furious 7 interfered with the star’s ability to attend the Grammy’s.

Since he was not able to attend the event, he decided to offer up a tribute to Katy Perry and Beyoncé, in the form of a seven minute song and dance routine which included an intermission with the big announcement. Grammy super-star Katy Perry weighed in on the tribute; the singer responded when she heard about the Vin Diesel Katy Perry dance party video. In a tweet to her fans, the young singer said that next time, she would like to be more involved.

Vin Diesel responded to this by posting another video; only this time, he was lip synching Katy Perry and inviting her to join him on the big screen, in the latest XXX movie. While earlier versions of this particular franchise have been less than successful, Vin Diesel is still hopeful that a third installment will be the ticket to bringing about an even larger fan base. Rumors are that the third XXX movie has been in the works for about five years now, with the latest instalment being posted by Vin Diesel himself, just this week on Facebook.

This is not the first time he included musical superstars in a fan tribute. Recently, Diesel uploaded a Rihanna tribute singing her wildly popular song “Stay”. Among other tributes, Diesel has also posted a series of images of himself encouraging his fans, and multiple tributes to his dear friend Paul Walker. Among these, the most moving tribute Vin Diesel produced, was for Walker — whose untimely death last November left Vin Diesel and the cast of Fast and Furious, reeling.

For fans with an extra twenty minutes to spare, the video is well worth watching and can be found posted on Diesel’s Facebook Page. There are of course other images and videos posted to his page, which are mostly tributes to his sixty three million fans. Regular updates keep the star connected with the people to whom he credits his success, the fans who made a sequel to Riddick possible. The very same fans who have given him one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood history. The death of Paul Walker could mean the end of the Fast and Furious franchise; only time will tell.

Diesel’s fans can be reassured that along with his wildly successful Hollywood ventures, he will be sure to post even more outlandish YouTube videos on his Facebook page. However, they will have to wait and see if there will be another Vin Diesel Katy Perry dance party video.

By Rachel Woodruff


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