Xbox One Ten Important Hidden Features

Xbox One Ten Important Hidden Features

The Xbox One from Microsoft is full of entertainment for everyone, but it also has ten important hidden features that everyone should know about that can make life a little easier. The console contains numerous amenities and apps that can extend Microsoft services like Skype to games that hit hard the boundaries of what the makes have created for gamers. The top ten features are listed below.

Turning On Various Home Devices:

The Xbox One’s Kinect sensor is able to turn on and off any home audio and video equipment. A lot of users do not realize that the Kinect 2 sensor in every Xbox One comes equipped with has technology which lets it act as a remote control. This means that the Xbox One is able to turn on or turn off a TV set or any other home audio equipment. In order to turn this function on, plug in the Kinect 2 sensor to the Xbox One and go to the Settings app. Once there, a person should see the option Device and Power settings under the TV & One Guide area.

Using a Code:

If someone wants to use a QR code or a pre-paid numerical code like those that are on pre-paid Xbox Live cards, just speak. If anyone has codes, instead of going to the trouble of having to get on the internet and head to, the person just needs to instead hold the card up to his or her face and say “Xbox use a code”. The Xbox One will automatically look at the code and be able to translate it into numbers and letters that it can understand. This is extremely useful for games that are disc-based or that have extra in-game features.

Adjust the Television Volume with a Person’s Voice:

A user who has set up the Kinect 2’s device functions is able to have the Xbox One also switch the volume of the television at any time. Again all a person has to do is speak “Xbox, volume up or Xbox, volume down”. It even works with “Xbox, mute” as well.

Xbox Record That:

Any Xbox One gamer does not have to only rely on triumphs in order to show off talents. The console is able to record small video excerpts of game footage and then upload them to Microsoft’s SkyDrive service so they can be shared. A user can record his or her own game footage by simply speaking “Xbox, record that”. The gamer is next able to open the Upload Studio and Game DVR apps in order to edit the footage and do whatever else he or she sees fit.

Blu-Ray Player Functions:

First of all, a user will have to download the Blu-ray app for the Xbox One separately. After this is done, the Xbox One’s disc drive can pull double duty as a Blu-ray player so that any user who may have a giant movie assortment can watch whenever he or she wants. In order to be able to view any Blu-ray movies on an Xbox One, a player must first head to the Store and Search for the Blu-ray player app.

Get a List of People the User Has Blocked in The Past:

An easy way has come along to find out all the Xbox Live members in which a user has had to block over the past years. By using the Xbox One controller, go to the Friends app. After the user has arrived, press the menu button that is located on the right center of the controller. Next select the option “People I’ve blocked” that shows up on the drop-down menu.

The Menu Button:

A gamer can use the menu button that is placed on the right of the Xbox One controller in order to discover even more hidden features than listed here. In plain terms, the Xbox One’s interface can be extremely practical. Even so, there are possible features and options that a user might never even discover unless it was on the controller’s menu button. This is not meant to be hidden, but almost every option that is not on the screen is available with the menu button. If a user is unable to find an option, just punch the menu button on the right center of the controller and most likely it will come up where it is located.

Having Various Guest Accounts:

When a user ends up having company and wants them to be able to have access to the Xbox but do not want them meddling with any of the saved Xbox Live profile and settings, then it is time to make guests accounts which allows them to have restricted access to the users Xbox One and the features saved on it. In order to do this, go to the settings app and move to the right until the user sees spots guest settings. Choose create a guest key by using the Xbox One’s controller. The user will need to recall the pattern input used so that it can be given to the guests when they want to play.

See Who Is Online Right Now:

If a user is curious about whom, if any, of his or her Xbox Live friends might be online at the present time, there is a way to find that out. Head over to the friends app and select friends from the menu. Then pick change view to sort out all of the user’s friends by who is really using their Xbox at the current time.

Xbox, Watch…:

There may be times when a gamer just wants to watch a favorite television channel without having to grab a controller or waving hands around in the air. Because of the Kinect 2 sensor and the Xbox One’s numerous tasking feature that makes it very easy.

If a person has set up the television function on the Xbox One, simply speak “Xbox, watch…” and whatever the channel name is. The Xbox One will instantly open up the Xbox One’s television app and turn over to that certain channel. This feature works great for gamers who want to settle in for a film or want to see the news without groping for a remote.

With the above features, the Xbox One has ten important hidden features that everyone needs to know about that can make life a little easier.

By Kimberly Ruble


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