300: Rise of an Empire (Preview & Video)

300: Rise of an Empire (Preview)

300: Rise of an Empire, the Warner Brothers Pictures and legendary Pictures sequel to 300, is a new chapter in the continuing cinematic action adventure series of flicks about the Greeks versus the Persians. The battlefield in this new breathtaking blockbuster has been transported to a whole new realm: the sea.The action and violence in this sequel is even more heart-pounding than in the original movie, 300.

In 300: Rise of an Empire, due out in theaters March 7, you will see some familiar characters from 300, like the villainous Xerxes; Rodrigo Santoro reprising his role of the Persian God-King, Xerxes; and Lena Headey, starring as the Spartan Queen, Gorgo.

The plot of 300: Rise of an Empire involves the efforts of
the Greek general Themistokles to thwart and defeat the massed might of the invading Persian forces. They are ruled by the evil Xerxes, a man who has become a god; and they are led by Artemisia, the commander of the Persian navy, who has a strong desire for vengeance. How can a man, even a brilliant general like Thermistokles, stand against a god? But if he can’t turn back the military might of Xerxes, then all of Greece might suffer and perish.

300 RISE OF AN EMPIRE (Preview)

Thermistokles realizes that there’s only one way he would stand a chance against such powerful and imposing forces, and that would be if he can somehow unite all of Greece against Xerxes.The Persian armada is so intimidating and overwhelming that a very large number of men would have to be mobilized and ready to fight fairly quickly, or all hope would be lost, and Greece would fall before the mighty forces of the Persian ruler, Xerxes.

Thermistokles is desperate, so he decides to go with the plan of uniting all of Greece against the common enemy, Xerxes, and he also is ultimately the leader of the charge which will change the direction the war is going in their favor.

Though 300: Rise of an Empire is presented by Warner Brothers Pictures and Legendary Pictures, it is a Cruel and Unusual
Films/Mark Canton/Gianni Nunnari Production.

300: Rise of an Empire stars Sullivan Stapleton from Gangster Squad as Themistokles, and Eva Green from Dark Shadows and Casino Royale as Artemisia.

300: Rise of an Empire (Preview)

Other actors who are reprising their roles from 300 are Andrew Tiernan in the role of Ephialtes; David Wenham as Dilios; and Andrew Pleavin as Daxos.

Also in cast of 300: Rise of an Empire are Hans Matheson as Themistokles’ closest friend and advisor, Aeskylos; Callan Mulvey and Jack O’Connell as father and son soldiers, Scyllias and Calisto; and in the role of Persian King Darius, the actor Igal Naor.

The director of the film was Noam Murro, from a screenplay by Zack Snyder and Kurt Johnstad. Snyder, of course, was the director of Man of Steel and is currently directing the Batman Vs. Superman movie.

The screenplay of 300: Rise of an Empire is based on the graphic novel Xerxes, by Frank Miller of Sin City fame. Gianni Nunnari, Mark Canton, Zack Snyder, Deborah Snyder and Bernie Goldmann produced the film. With stars like those, and Zack Snyder and Frank Miller behind the creation of it, 300: Rise of an Empire is sure to be box office gold!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

300: Rise of an Empire Video Trailer