Alberta Baby Saved by a Miracle

In Alberta the life of a baby was saved today, a fact many are calling a miracle.  Corporal Ray Kennedy of the RCMP, Grande Prairie Division is one of them.

Outside in the rural outskirts of Grande Prairie, Alberta, in -16 weather (-26 with the wind chill) a baby was found.  Sitting in a car seat, baby Addison was found by a resident purely by luck. According to Kennedy, the local happened to go outside at the right time. Whoever the kidnappers were, they had not knocked on the door or rang the bell to cause awareness.

The man was quoted, “Probably not every day that you go outside of your residence and find an abandoned infant on your step or front porch.”  The time he discovered baby Addison in the chilling outdoors it was approximately 3 P.M.

The nightmare began on Tuesday afternoon according to neighbor, Jodi McWilliams.  The mother drove her Dodge Ram into the driveway next door, rushed out and started to head towards the home.  McWilliams explains to the Edmonton Journal, “She was going to be a second, picking up something from my neighbor, and by the time she turned around, the truck was going down the road.”  She assumed that the mother had left the child in the idling vehicle due to the extreme cold weather.  The mother had made it only 6 metres from the truck when a man, out of nowhere, jumped in.  McWilliams said it all happened so fast and then the thief took off with the truck and the baby in the back car seat.

Some onlookers and neighbors who were also outdoors at the time of the incident tried to get into their own vehicles to catch the crook but failed.  McWilliams said that even before the police arrived, people were on social media trying to get the word out. Of how the mother is feeling, McWilliams said, “I’m sure she feels horrible.”

An Amber Alert was immediately issued after the vehicle was reported stolen.  Baby Addison had been missing for a little over two hours.  She was located 23 km away, near a town called Grovedale, Alberta.

The police received a public tip which led to the arrest of three suspects when the Dodge ram was spotted at a lumber mill.  Josee Valiquette, RCMP spokeswoman, said a fourth suspect may be involved.  No charges have been laid on the men in custody and the RCMP are not releasing the parents names.

Valiquette could not comment of the health, state or condition of the child when she was found.  She also was unable to discuss the length of time she suffered out in the cold without shoes or proper clothing.  She did note that the child seemed unharmed and was rushed to the Queen Elizabeth II hospital where she will undergo a complete examination.

McWilliams was surprised this happened in the middle of the day. “Nobody really thinks anything like that is really going to happen.”  To many people,via social media, it is a miracle that baby Addison survived the harsh winter winds of Alberta at all.

By Derik L. Bradshaw


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