Amanda Knox Ice Queen

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Amanda “ice queen” Knox is showing that double jeopardy is not as satisfying as the Ashley Judd movie. Once known among friends as “foxy knoxy,” Knox now holds international fame as the ice queen, since officers never saw her cry while in jail. Knox’s long-running case has seen the ebb and flow of resolution since 2007.

Knox was originally found guilty of murdering roommate Meredith Kercher in Italian courts. Knox has already served four years out of an original 28 year sentence in Italian jail. She celebrated an acquittal in 2011, that has since been short-lived. Still young at the age of 26, Knox faces extradition to Italy in order to address new evidence of motive. However, since 1984 the United States has had an extradition treaty with Italy. The violation of the extradition treaty threatens to cause political tension between the two countries. The real issue is whether justice will really be served by extraditing Knox. The evidence against Knox regarding Kercher’s murder is limited, and the reason for the re-opening the case is based on motive. Currently Rudy Guede is serving a 30 year sentence in Italian jail, and it is a possibility that Knox could join him.

Murder is a always a crime of interest, where justice should always be a priority. The loss of Kercher’s life is devastating, especially considering the circumstance. Knox, Guede, and Sollecito were all too young to have been involved in such a shockingly gruesome offense. Kercher was too young to die. They were all in their early 20s, with the world at their feet. However the opportunity to seize their age was corrupted by partying and drugs. The biggest defense Knox may have against being convicted of Kercher’s murder, again, is her seemingly lack of reasonability.

Knox has made numerous mistakes throughout interviews and proceedings, which imply that she might lack character. First, she falsely accused the owner of a bar as the murderer of Kercher. She also described the evening of Kercher’s murder with false facts. When it became apparent that Knox’s boss, Lumumba, was innocent- Knox suffered the consequences of lying with scrutiny. What’s worse, now Knox is publicly stating her preference to be a fugitive than to face extradition. Knox’s lack of seasoning despite serving legitimate jail time may be a mark of her inability to commit such a heinous crime.

Double jeopardy is a legal standard, but may not be an option for Knox. Under common law, double jeopardy is a procedural defense that allows a defendant a free pass from being tried twice for a crime, if prior the defendant had received a legitimate acquittal. It seems that double jeopardy is overridden by the intrigue over Knox.

Italian courts look hungrily at Knox, while she maintains an illegible demeanor. On the verdict of character, criminal proceedings can change anyone regardless of criminal guilt. Knox has shed her foxy knoxy title and embraced her role as the ice queen. If the new evidence showing Knox had a reasonable motive for ending Kercher’s life is legitimate, then Knox needs to address it. While extradition may be a lengthy and complicated procedure, if justice is to be served than its necessary that ice queen Knox be open for trial (media not included).

By Victoria Chuidian