Amanda Knox Not Likely to Be Extradited by Italy

Amanda KnoxA Harvard University Law Professor says that although the United States would likely cooperate with a request to extradite Amanda Knox back to Italy, they may never have to make that decision. According to Professor Alan Dershowitz, Italy may have already sent an indication that they will most likely not seek Knox’s transportation back to Italy.

Knox a Washington university student, and her boyfriend at the time, were found guilty of murdering Briton Meredith Kercher in 2007. Knox was not at the trial were she was found guilt and was also sentenced to 28 1/2 years in a prison.

Dershowitz thinks that Knox may not have to return to Italy however to serve the term. He says that there has been a “hint” from the Italian government that they are not seeking her extradition. The U.S. State Department declined to answer whether or not Italy was in the process of seeking this extradition.

“Look, they let her go back to the United States, even though the case was then pending, knowing that it would be very difficult to get her back in Italy, so the Italian government may be satisfied with convicting her and then letting her spend the rest of her life in the United States,” Dershowitz said. Under these circumstances Knox would not per permitted to ever reenter Italy or the countries that make up the European Union.

Notes from the case say that the victim was forcibly pinned down and then stabbed repeatedly after she declined an offering to take part in a sex game. Knox, her then boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito and the Ivory Coast born Rudy Guede were to take part in the game. Mr. Guede is currently in jail for the crime and Sollecito received a 25 year sentence.

Knox’s lawyer claims that the evidence against Knox is “non-existent.” Despite her conviction he says there was not any evidence that day at court nor has there ever been evidence in this case.

Her lawyer also said that he would consider thinking about the U.S. extraditing his client at this time. He said it is not the right question for a “long time to come.”

In other news involving the college student she has grown her hair out which some legal experts say is a publicity stunt to “keep that high public opinion poll,” for Knox. In a stunning moment on ABC Robin Roberts exemplified this support when she held the 26 year olds hand and told her that “we” hope for the very best for you going forward.

Dershowitz, like many, is confused. He said that he doesn’t not understand why the public’s opinion is so in favor of her innocence. He also said that in Italy it is exactly the opposite, where she is seen as “Al Capone.”

Dershowitz believes that, although he still thinks the U.S. would extradite her, her public prescience is influencing her case which is wrong. “Because she is attractive, and because she has created a media campaign all over the country, she’s become very popular. And I don’t think we should do justice by popularity or justice by the way a person looks,” he said, adding that, “this is a case for extradition.”

Whether the U.S. government will be faced with the decision of extraditing Amanda Knox is uncertain, but they might never have to make the decision if Italy does not seek her extradition.

By Nick Manai


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