Ambien and Its Disturbing Zombified Users


Ambien has zombified its users influencing disturbing actions after taking the drug. It is hard to understand why doctors would prescribe medications with these kinds of effects on people. Why not just help people cope or try different methods before handing out prescriptions for drugs with disturbing results?

The actions that the patients become victims or suspects to could also give society a reason to get away with criminal actions. It is possible that if one is prescribed a drug such as Ambien, they have an excuse for what they have done. It is impossible to tell if a crime has actually been caused by the drug or if a user is just saying that it was because they were under the influence of it. Something like this should not be given to anyone if the purpose is to help people function properly in society.

The somnambulism is a scary side effect. Imagine going through the day doing normal things such as cooking, eating, driving, having a conversation with someone, and then not even realizing that those things are happening. It is as if it is a dream, although in some cases this may be what some Ambien abusers want. Doctors are giving this to people in order to help them function through the day after they were able to get a good night’s sleep, but if they are trying to help people live a normal life, it is difficult to believe that this way of living is actually “living.” Seems like Ambien causes the opposite of living, and promotes a disturbing zombified world for those who are on it.

This hypnotic drug is much like the benzodiazepines Xanax and Valium and was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1992. The purpose of putting Ambien out into the world for the insomniacs was to aid people through initiating the process of the ability to fall asleep, but staying asleep can be a problem for many.

Although Ambien may help people fall asleep as quickly and effectively within about twenty minutes, they may not stay asleep for long. The least harmful side effect of the drug is having strange eating habits, although it could be harmful if the user is craving strange items ranging from raw meat to sea shells.What is disturbing is the warning label on the prescription explaining that once the drug is in effect, the person who is taking it may wake up in the middle of the night and do things that he or she is not aware of. These activities include driving, making food, eating food, talking on the phone, sleep walking, and even having sex.

There have been many cases of people who have done scary things while under the influence of Ambien and claimed they did not even know that they have done them.

Robert Steward killed eight people in a nursing home while on Ambien. He had claimed that he did not know what he had done until it was too late. The same went for Thomas Chesterpage who had killed five police officers in a shootout. Julie Ann Bronson had taken Ambien and went to her car still in her pajamas and no shoes. She had run over three people include an 18-month old child. She described it as if it had been a dream because she claims she could never hurt anyone let alone realize she had actually done it. Then there is the case of Glynn Howard Johnson. Johnson had molested a ten-year old girl and claimed he had been under the influence of Ambien and did not remember the act.

Lately Ambien has been used as a substitute for Rohypnol, the date rape drug, because of its effectiveness to put people to sleep within a few minutes. Whether or not these actions could be blamed on the drug for having done the criminal actions, or used as an excuse to commit such crimes, to not distribute it may be the appropriate thing to do in order to make sure these situations do not happen.

If the purpose of Ambien is to create a disturbing zombified society, then it is working. A somnambular state is not the only approach to helping people function better during the day after the attempt to effectively fall fast asleep. Some people have thought that medicinal marijuana could be the number one cure of insomnia and may influence a good night’s sleep. Maybe before the doctors write up prescriptions for drugs such as Ambien that have devastating side effects, they should try to approach the problem with a different solution that is healthier for the well-being of the patient and the safety of society.

By Brittany Varner-Miller

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