Christina Aguilera Pregnant for Second Time?

Christina AguileraCould Christina Aguilera be pregnant for a second time? That is something her mother-in-law-to-be, Kathleen Rutler, has hinted – and other sources have confirmed – according to In Touch Weekly and Hollywood Weekly. So far, the singer and her fiancé have not confirmed anything.

If she is pregnant, it will likely make the couple very happy. Sources have indicated that they have wanted a baby for a while now. Five-year-old Max Bratman is also likely to be excited at the idea of becoming a big brother; he is Aguilera’s son, from her previous marriage to Jordan Bratman. The singer met Rutler shortly after deciding to divorce Bratman. They were both on the set of Burlesque, which starred the singer and the legendary Cher and Rutler as a production assistant.

It was only last week that the pair announced the exciting news of their engagement. The 25-year-old PA proposed to his Beautiful girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, and they couldn’t help but share it, via Facebook, through a photo of their hands to show off the engagement ring.

Baby comments were released in OK Magazine on Feb. 17, with a source claiming the singer was really hoping that the new baby would be a girl. Reportedly, the two have been trying for a baby for as long as 18 months now, but have been unsuccessful up to this point. One thing the source claimed was that the singer would not give birth anywhere close to 40, so there was a deadline of being 35 by the time she conceived.

However, there is still no confirmation from Aguilera or Rulter that she is pregnant for a second time. The baby, which will be the first for Rutler, was only hinted at by the production assistant’s mother. In Touch Weekly asked Mrs. Rutler what the plans for the couple would be after they married, but she couldn’t answer. She simply stated moving isn’t something those with a baby would consider doing.

Aguilera is usually fairly quiet about her private life. She rarely shares news about her son, and photos are usually in the moment shots that photographers manage to capture. She did tell Ellen DeGeneres that she loved her son very much and could be a “character” back in 2010, but shared nothing else about him.

If she is pregnant, it could explain her decision to take another break from The Voice, which starts its sixth season this week. The star previously took a break for season four but returned for the next season, along with Cee Lo Green. Since Green’s announcement that he is completely leaving the show, and the news that the Genie in a Bottle singer could be pregnant, there are questions about whether she will decide to leave the talent show completely, too.

For now, the pregnancy needs to be treated as a rumor. While future in-laws are hinting, and sources are sharing, it will only be confirmed when the singer and her fiancé choose. The Daily Mail has since contacted Aguilera’s reps for comment, but they are still to get back to the paper about whether the celebrity is pregnant for a second time.

By Alexandria Ingham


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