Demi Lovato Calls Selena Gomez Strong

Demi Lovato and Selena GomezDemi Lovato called Selena Gomez strong for choosing to go to rehab. The fellow former Disney star explained that “only the strongest people ask for help.” The statement came just hours after Gomez’s rep informed the media that the 21-year-old had spent two weeks in rehab.

Gomez has since mostly blamed ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber for her stint in rehab. However, there are likely other reasons involved. Shortly before her trip to the Dawn at the Meadows, the singer had cancelled her Australian leg of her tour scheduled for February. She took to the internet to apologize to her fans and explained that it was clear she needed to put herself before her work for a while. At the time, her reps confirmed that she wasn’t having a breakdown. It may have been that she felt she was on the verge of one and needed the break to recuperate.

On Wednesday, her reps confirmed that she had spent 14 days in January in the rehab clinic for 18 to 26 year olds struggling with emotional issues, addiction and other problems. However, they did state that she is not struggling with substance abuse. It is likely that her emotionally draining relationship with Bieber was the cause of the problem.

Gomez did not want anybody to know that she was there, but Lovato makes it clear there is nothing to be ashamed of and calls her strong.  Those who live in denial are weak. The Sunny With a Chance star attended the same rehab facility in November 2010 when she was struggling with physical and emotional issues. Lovato has since come out a much stronger and more grounded person.

It has now been reported that the Come & Get It singer did not finish her full treatment. She still had four weeks to go and left the facility against the wishes of her medical staff, friends and family members. E! Online reports that she originally left on a 72-hour pass that the facility offers, so she could promote her new movie, Ruderless, at the Sundance Festival. When the 72 hours were up, Gomez returned home instead of to the Meadows, believing that she was ready. According to the Wizards of Waverly Place actress, she completed the facility’s hardest week, known as “Survivor’s Week.”

It is unlikely that she will return back to rehab now that everyone knows, even with her Disney star gal-pal telling her it makes her strong. Her reps told the media in the hope it would pressure her to go back, but it seems to be having the opposite effect.  However, her family and friends will continue to stand by her, understanding that this is how many treat rehab. They are making her life hell until she gives in, by stopping her from working, stopping her seeing Bieber and having someone around her all the time.

The Skyscraper singer was one of the people to help get Gomez into rehab in the first place. It may be her who helps convince the 21-year-old to go back. Hopefully Lovato calling Gomez strong because of the decision and proving how effective it is will help the former Disney star see the error of her ways to get the help she needs.

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