Eminem and Rihanna


Eminem and Rihanna will bring a monstrous tour in August.  The two have collided again with the recording of The Monster.  The Monster is a much needed follow up to Love the Way You Lie.  The duo teamed up for the collaboration to be released on the Marshal Mathers LP 2.  Since its release, the song has skyrocketed to number one on the Billboard 100 charts.  Eminem and Rihanna meshed together is just as genius as it is money.

The Rap God embarks on a three city tour with The Good Girl Gone Bad that will include New York, L.A., and Detroit.  The only thing wrong with this picture is that it is only three cities.  Why deprive so many of all that talent?  There may possibly be some schedule conflicts with the two constantly working.  Which may explain the minimum amount of cities that will see the live performances.

Slim Shady has explained that the song is not exactly a follow-up per-say to Love the Way You Lie but a second collaboration that fits.  The Monster chronicles unbalanced, disturbed and demented aspects rolling around the subconscious and conscience mind and embraces all of it; not only embrace it but become friends with it and share it among others.  Exaggerate the elements of feelings and actions that are considered not to be normal.  Exacerbate the part inside that feels somewhat wicked and calculated.  The Monster is a being or alter ego that has spread its wings and attempts to take over the entire personality.  Instead of purging it, merge with it and establish a complete friendship.

With that said, Eminem could picture no one else on the album except for Rihanna.  Marshal Mathers believes that the public perceives both the artists as “a little nuts.”  With a public perception that a lot of screws may be loose in the mind it was a no-brainer to co-lab on the song.  It walks a little on the side of crazy to become friends with the Boogie man.  The culmination of embracing the darker side seems to stem from the tumultuous past Rihanna and Eminem have dealt with separately.

The domestic situations alone the two have had to deal with through out their lives factors heavily on the music.  Rihanna has had to battle the constant media scrutiny of her choices in men, and the men publicly battling, fueding, and physically fighting in regard to her relationship circumstance.  Not to mention being judged for returning to a man that has physically harmed and abused her.  This list can carry on for ions.  It is admirable how she keeps her head up makes good music and does exactly what she wants regardless of what people say.

Eminem follows quite a similar statute.  The constant back and fourth with the mother of his child.  The physical altercations that have taken place regarding their relationship.  The open blatant insults delivered verbally on his albums.  There is no surprise that the two fit together  like grits and sugar.  Every person may not like it together, but those that don’t consume them individually.  The two function well on their own and reach just as many unimaginable heights together.  Eminem and Rihanna is just lethally successful combination.

Editorial By Ebony Waller



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