Fat vs Fit Farce

Why appearances can be deceiving when it comes to the state of a person's health


For years, society has compartmentalized fitness until it seems the only ones who fit the bill are those who have the genetic fortune to be slim, trim, and under a size 10; everyone else is fat. This standard has been the life blood that has fueled many to develop eating disorders and at the very least, low self-esteem. What has transpired within society is sickening at best, leaving a trail of broken hearts and a sense of despair for those who cannot seem to become that picture of perfection that society has painted for them and it is all a fat versus fit farce.

In light of these dark matters, a new day is dawning. Now, people are recognizing that what used to be called “fat,” may actually be healthy for a person’s genetics and body build. Also, it is possible to be thin and unhealthy. There is a balance, regardless of what end of the spectrum in which one may find themselves. Healthy lifestyle and good habits are key, no matter what size jeans a person wears.

No one knows this better than Dr. Mark Hayman of Food Matters. an online website directed at educating others on health and nutrition. Hayman states in his summation that, MONW, which means Metabolically Obese Normal Weight, individuals may be at the perfect weight, but can still be considered fat. Just because someone is visually skinny does not mean that person is not overly fat, because it all depends on the amount of muscle that person has.

This is wonderful news for those who have been beating their heads against a brick wall for years, never achieving their coveted goal of attaining “super skinny status.” Health and nutrition is about what a person does with what they have. Whether skinny or fat, a person cannot be considered healthy if they lead a sedentary lifestyle and feed their bodies poor food choices. A regular exercise regiment, plenty of water, good sleep, and a plethora of fruits and veggies in the diet are key to a healthy lifestyle.

Often, there are foods or habits that are difficult for a person of any size to break. It depends on an individual’s level of commitment to their own health. A healthy metabolism does not necessarily guarantee that a person will be thin as a rail, either. In fact, there are many people who look overweight by society’s standards, but maintain a very healthy metabolism. This does not mean to say that each person should not strive to be their personal best. In fact, the sum of health is found in one’s own desire to pursue it, thus dispelling the farce.

Whether skinny or fat, short or tall, round or flat, there is always potential for vibrant health. Many fail to realize that they have more options than they think. No time for a traditional gym style workout? There are a variety of ways in which a person can adapt their busy routines by switching to more physically intensive activities, such as walking or bicycling instead of driving. For those who thrive in a mores structured environment, there are groups with like-minded individuals who can offer support and accountability in one’s pursuit of health. Maintaining an open line of communication between a patient and their doctor is also key to maintaining good health at any size.

Over all, health is what is made of it. Cultural background, lifestyle, genetics, and personal habits do much to shape one’s tendency toward health or illness. The stage is set to make way for new ideas about the human body. Health on the way and it looks beautiful. Yesteryear’s cookie cutter idea of perfection and all its seemingly impossible demands are being reevaluated. As people begin to open their eyes, the truth is revealed, fat versus fit may be just a farce.

By J.A. Johnson

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