Global Warming Falsely Accused Again

Global Warming Falsely Accused Again

Once again, global warming is in the newspapers and on the television, this time falsely accused of being responsible for a whole new set of terrible calamities. Super storms, droughts, monsoons, virtually anything which is bad for the planet, must be anthropogenic (man made) global warming’s fault. If “global warming” at an actual personality, it surely would be neurotic by now. The people who make the most money from the global warming scare, seem to have a vested interest in anything bad happening – climate wise – being attributed directly to global warming.

Perhaps, as some current leading climate scientists seem to now believe, the actual culprit is merely the jet stream. The jet stream, however, is hardly a newsworthy “scary” item, therefore useful for generating billions of dollars in research grants. The jet stream is understood as a perfectly normal phenomenon, which cannot be unduly influenced by the bugaboo of global warming.

Global Warming Falsely Accused Again

Mat Collins, a Professor in climate systems at Exeter University, and an internationally acknowledged expert on climate computer models and forecasts, weighed in on the subject. “There is no evidence,” Collins said, “that global warming can cause the jet stream to get stuck in the way it has this winter.” Professor Collins then went on to say, “If this [storm] is due to climate change, it is outside our knowledge.”

Prof. Collins pronouncement must come as a huge shock to all of the media people who again falsely accused global warming of causing storms. Not to mention the politicians and “notable” people who have also been screaming at the top of their lungs, that global warming must be stopped.

The good news is, global warming has stopped. In fact, there has been zero global warming for the past almost 19 years. Of course, as any student knows, 19 years is hardly an acceptable time frame when measuring “the climate.” Interestingly enough though, that time frame seems to be roughly the number of years most climate scare mongers will use, in their dire predictions of disaster. The world is always just 15 to 19 years away from utter destruction, according to the climate scare monger crowd.

Even the president of the United States and his science advisers seem to get that bit of information backwards or wrong. California is experiencing a drought, but global warming was supposed to cause more rain to fall in California. Perhaps the president did not get that memo? The science surrounding evaporation in the heat is not new, nor is it really all that advanced. A hotter climate will evaporate more water from the ocean, which in turn becomes clouds, which in turn become rain. The drought in California is most likely due to the natural variability of moisture content, within the air. This is hardly the first drought California has ever experienced, nor is global warming responsible, whatsoever.

Global Warming Falsely Accused Again
Al Gore Jr.

In 2008, world-famous global warming theorist Albert Gore Jr., pronounced that the entire northern polar ice cap would be completely gone within five years. Well, here it is, five years later, and the North Pole is looking just fine. Like all the similar predictions which have come down from the “scientific community” about the perils of leading a modern life, nothing of the kind actually happened.

Furthermore, with record ice at both ends of the planet, added to record cold temperatures in many parts of the world, where is the “warming” part of global warming actually taking place?

Perhaps a better question to ask of the leading climate scare theorists, is why they insist on falsely predicting calamities, based on the faulty theory of global warming.

Editorial By Ben Gaul


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