Global Warming No Longer Globally Warming

Global Warming

For a long time it has been said that global warming is an immediate threat the world faces, but could it be that global warming is no longer warming and raising global temperatures? Many scientists believe that the phenomenon might have actually paused resulting in steady global climate.

The term global warming might not be a new one for many. When sunlight enters the Earth’s ozone it gets trapped causing a greenhouse effect. This in turn raises the overall temperature of earth, which is termed global warming. Had it been a completely natural occurrence it would have been considered normal, but unfortunately that is not entirely the case. Human interference and involvement has also accelerated the process.

Carbon monoxide emission from cars and chlorofluorocarbons from cans and hairsprays weaken the ozone layer. The ozone layer limits complete exposure to the Sun’s ultraviolet rays, but weakened ozone means a concentrated exposure to the Sun. This was the explanation given to encourage others from adopting eco-friendly alternatives. Some were more than willing to save the earth and go green, so to speak. There were even a few who did not believe that such a thing existed and carried on with their ways. It should hence come as a shock for many to find out such an occurrence might simply pause.

There are many explanations given to explain the sudden climactic change. Some explanations are scientific while some are even psychological. Scientists believe that a combination of phenomena could be responsible for the sudden change in global temperature. The entire process starts from the El-nino Southern Oscillation, shortened to Esno. The Sun warms the Pacific Ocean throughout the year which causes huge air streams of heat to build up. Towards the end of the year, there is often a huge surge of heat which affects the overall ocean temperatures. This in turn raises the climactic temperatures and is responsible for sudden spikes in global temperature. Just as the hotter air from the ocean moves away, cooler water from within the Pacific Ocean moves in to take its place causing an overall cooling down of the ocean. This is known as the Pacific Decadal Oscillation. Naturally when something as geographically large as the Pacific Ocean experiences changes in temperature, there are bound to be global effects from it. Maybe these changes in weather cycles are the reason global warming is no longer able to warm the global climates.

Some experts have even proposed that individuals are simply feeling that the global warming is no longer a threat when in fact it could very well be one. This observation was made when a few questions were raised as the mid-Atlantic was struck with violent blizzards in 2010. Questions such as, “If global warming really does exist why is there still so much snow?” were asked. It was concluded that humans only relate to what they feel is currently happening. Regardless of the overall facts if someone is experiencing a snowstorm then according to them the global climate is actually getting colder. For someone going through a drought, global warming could very well be a real thing.

Another interesting fact discovered was that how much a person believes in a phenomenon directly depends on their exposure to it. For someone who has never experienced floods caused by melting ice caps, global warming might seem like an urban myth. However, if an individual has lived through an event that was presumably caused by a related phenomenon, then he would be inclined to believe in that phenomenon.

Google Earth has even introduced an interface that lets you observe the overall temperature changes. Certain features allow the users to observe different parts of the world from different perspectives and find out if the Earth really is warming up or not.

It is yet to be made certain whether the effects of global warming have really paused or they are simply too insignificant to be noticed. Either way the question of how long it might stay paused does come to mind. However the fact that global warming for the time being is no longer the cause of warming global temperatures could be a sigh of relief for environmentalists everywhere.

By Hammad Ali.