Hugh Jackman Ready to Strike Again as the Wolverine


14 years have passed since Hugh Jackman first slashed his way into the hearts of moviegoers as the legendary comic book anti-hero Wolverine in 2000’s X-Men, and with a new X-film on the way, there seems to be little chance of Jackman sheathing the claws any time soon. Once again ready to strike fear into the hearts of evil mutants around the globe, Hugh Jackman is set to deliver his finest performance¬†as the Wolverine to date in May’s upcoming X Men: Days of Future Past.

Bounding into the acting world in 1994, it took five years for Jackman to land the role that changed his career (a role that, at the time, his wife pleaded him to reject) and seven X-Men movies later, he has managed to cement himself as one the highest paid actors in Hollywood. Functioning as the truest breakout character of the X-Men movie franchise, Jackman’s portrayal of the Wolverine has solidified his place as a superhero icon, rivalling the likes of Christian Bale’s starring roles in Christopher Nolan’s dark, epic Batman trilogy. Jackman’s dedicated work ethic has also branded him a Golden Globe winner (for his portrayal as Jean Valjean in 2012’s Les Miserables) and Primetime Emmy Award recipient (Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program,) as well as numerous other awards, including 2012’s Favorite Action Star (People’s Choice Awards).

Not just an acting talent, Jackman’s singing voice and dancing prowess have made him known as a man of many trades. His role in Les Miserables showcases some of his most diverse work, proving the charming Aussie is no one-claw wonder. Set to host the 2014 Tony Awards in early June, Jackman proves that his status as Hollywood royalty is well cemented.

Despite being a dramatic aficionado, Jackman’s true strength lies in action-packed summer blockbusters; a genre in which his portrayal of Marvel’s Wolverine suits all too well. Starring in five of the six X-Men films to date (with rumors buzzing about a potential two more,) Hugh Jackman’s reprised role as Wolverine is the actor’s way of striking yet again, and with X-Men: Days Of Future Past right around the corner, audiences around the world are lining up, ready to get their latest dose of mutant adrenaline.

Not one to be set back by a busy schedule, Jackman still finds the time to keep up a harsh physical training regimen, perfecting body and mind for his reprised role as the Wolverine. The 45-year-old superstar has managed to maintain his monstrous physique through efficient dieting and an intense workout schedule, astounding audiences with a level of fitness never-before seen from the previously average-bodied actor. Possessing an ever-vibrant glow to match his youthful image, Jackman proves that he is the perfect, if not only, man for the role of the ageless Wolverine.

Although critics maintain Jackman and the rest of the X-Men crew had reached their performing peak in 2003’s X2: X-Men United, moviegoers the world across continue to enthusiastically pack cinemas, and as the release date for Days Of Future Past draws near, there’s little doubt that Hugh Jackman is ready to once again strike gold as the Wolverine.

By Christopher White