Iraq Market Bombed Six Civilians Dead


A bomb that tore through a local vegetable market in Iraq has left at least six civilians dead and several more injured. The bomb blast, which took place in the town of Mahmoudiya, has been confirmed by an Iraqi police officer, according to the AP website. The town is situated around 20 miles to the south of capital Baghdad.

The number of casualties was confirmed by two medical officials, who also pegged the number of wounded at 18. The death toll is likely to go up. All information from the officials were provided on the condition of anonymity since the official authorization to dispense information hasn’t been given yet.

In another instance of terrorism, a security patrol was bombed on Wednesday. The bombing, which was reported by another police official, has resulted in the deaths of four Iraqi soldiers and left three severely wounded. This incident took place in the town of Khalis, which is located 50 miles to the north of the capital city.

After the country’s sectarian violence, which gripped the country, subsided in 2008 Iraq has once again started witnessing widespread violence and bombings since last year.

By Aruna Iyer


Associated Press