J.K. Rowling Got More Wrong Than Hermione’s Marriage Choice

J.K. RowlingJ.K. Rowling announced that she got Hermione’s marriage choice wrong, but she did more than that. There are specific parts of the seven books that either didn’t make sense or were just thrown in for the sake of adding drama to the story. Here are the main ones to consider.

1. Fred and George Never Knew About Peter Pettigrew

In Book Three of Harry Potter, it turns out that Ron Weasley’s rat, Scabbers, was actually Peter Pettigrew. Pettigrew was considered dead—all they found was his finger after the arrest of Sirius Black. However, it could turn into an animal and chose to become a rat for the next 13 years. Despite all this, when Harry got the Marauder’s Map Pettigrew was there wandering around the castle while being in his rat form.

If Harry saw the name, Fred and George should have done so as well. Scabbers had been a family pet for the 13 years, so the twins would have seen the name time and time again. Why did they never question this? Even if they didn’t know who Pettigrew really was, why did they not question who the person their baby brother was with?

2. Harry Only Saw the Thestrals After Book Four

Only people who have seen someone die are able to see the Thestrals—those magical beings that pull the coaches to Hogwarts. That made sense in this magical world, but why did Harry only see them after the death of Cedric Digory? Harry may have only been one-year-old, but he saw his mother die. It is just one more thing that Rowling got wrong, rather than focusing on Hermione’s marriage choice.

She tried to explain that the deaths had to be processed and accepted, so it took time for Harry to see them after Cedric’s death. However, Harry must have accepted that his parents died. It was something he had been processing for 11 years before going to Hogwarts.

3. The Issue of the Time Turner

If the Time Turner could save Buckbeak and Sirius, why couldn’t it have saved Harry Potter’s parents? Why could someone not have gone back to when Voldermort was still known as Tom Riddle and stopped him long before he became so powerful and dangerous? It made no sense to have this ultimately powerful object and then not use it to prevent everything from happening.

This is a part of the series that fans have poked holes in throughout the years. There has never been an official answer from Rowling, so it begs the question whether it is another mistake she knows she made. It would have been much easier to explain that there was some type of time limit on the whole device, or that someone had tried and it wasn’t possible in the end.

Authors make mistakes in their books, and notice them years after they have been published. However, it isn’t often that they will publicly admit it. Yet, looking through the seven Harry Potter books, it is clear that Rowling got more wrong than Hermione’s choice to marry Ron Weasley instead of Harry Potter.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


The Christian Science Monitor