Justin Bieber: “Broken” Record or Industry Victim? [Video]

Justin Bieber

This would appear to be the part where lil’ Jack Horner goes and sulks in his corner. In this case it is the oft mentioned Justin Bieber who has retreated into the studio to record a just released song titled ‘Broken’, bemoaning his oh so put upon plight. Fresh from his mad dash to Panama after a run in with Miami police, Justin has “broken” his broody silence by way of song. Insert bleeding hearts sigh [here]. Admittedly the young Canadian crooner has taken a beating lately, both in the media as well as in the Luv department. Hardly a day passes without a new tidbit slipping loose from The Justin Files. Now that he has, in a manner of speaking, responded to the scrutiny and backlash, does Justin “trouble magnet” Bieber sound like a broken record or is he a presumably innocent industry victim?

Justin was reportedly just offered a plea deal in his Florida arrest trial, which would require he submit to random drug testing anywhere in the world and he is required to pay for said testing from his own bulging pockets. If he pleads no contest and accepts the deal he would also have to commit to 40 hours of community service, attend an alcohol education course as well as a panel for victim impact. His lawyers are waging quite the legal battle to keep a lot of things under wraps while proclaiming their clients innocence. Whether or not Justin is guilty is by now a moot point. He has been tainted by overexposure, the majority of it bad and it overshadows any good he may be doing. “Justin Bieber in trouble again” seems to be bigger news than his philanthropic endeavors ever could be. He is now under the media microscope that hones in particularly close on negative or sensation making events.JustinBieber

From all appearances, it would seem that the Hollywood/Fame machine is a wicked and vicious mistress, being especially scarring and damaging to its young victims. It almost literally eats them up and spits them out. That world is ran and operated by adults and in an adult world, grown folks stuff rules the day. Access to drugs, drinks and women or men, depending on your predilection. All of that is spread like a virtual feast before these wide eyed kids that become famous young. So Justin’s current problems are not his fault alone. As most stars will say and have said, it is very important to be surrounded by strong positive influences. This goes double for the really young in that industry. Justin Bieber has broken his own record in inciting media frenzy, but could the media industry in their voracious hunger for money and power be more at fault for turning him into an exploited victim?

Of course Justin is responsible for a lot of his own not so good decisions, but he lives in a world with little to no boundaries. It is a very ambiguous thing indeed and hard to judge if one is not directly involved in its machinations. Stars of yore may very well have gotten away with a myriad of would be scandals and outrageous behavior. But they were not so easily hounded by the press or their public. Before the paparazzi became famous for chasing the famous, stars could live in relative obscurity if they wished. Now, nothing is sacred and anything goes. That is a very dangerous combination. In Justin’s case, it has proved a toxic mixture indeed.

Justin BieberPerhaps in the face of his current woes, Justin has made plans to tone down his public persona and return to the talent that made him a star in the first place. It was reported that some of his known mentors and less questionable allies have taken him aside for a bit of discourse and sage advice. Hopefully he has taken heed and will make genuine efforts at avoiding a crash and burn scenario. Literally. It remains to be seen if young Justin Beiber is just a broken record, moaning about his rich boy problems, or if he’s just a naive accomplice to being an industry victim. Have a listen to his song of defiance and decide for yourself if there is hope yet for this troubled young star. Good luck Biebs!

By Mai Nowlin