Lego Movie Game Even Better?

Lego MovieThe box office smash hit The Lego Movie that crushed Robocop like a pop-can in movie theatres recently is not done collecting money yet. Sources say the newest Lego Movie video game may be expected to do even better raking in the big bucks as well. With over $200 million at the box office for the film, some say that puts the video game in a very comfortable place.

Lego series video games have made a lot of money, with 85 million units sold worldwide.  With the release of the Lego Star Wars, some say that was when things really skyrocketed and game makers realized that they had something very special. The plan then according to sources, was to ride the wave as long as possible. Some would suggest that there was no way to imagine the kind of impact these games were going to have on people all over the world of all ages. Not only kids enjoy playing the Lego video games. Adults love playing it too according to reports that indicate parents have admitted playing the games for hours with their kids. One parent was heard saying “they are really fun games.”


Lego Game
Fun with the family

Lego games have a reputation for being fairly mellow, and overall low stress for the player. Also there is no blood in the Lego games which is another big bonus for parents who might be worried about their kids getting caught up in the craze of bloody shoot’em up military training games that are ever so popular these days. Reports suggest that even in the elementary level an alarming percentage of kids have played adult first person shooter games. In fact one kid told reporters that if you go online to play games like Call of Duty, which is a very popular first person series, “Don’t be surprised if you are getting your butt kicked by an 11 year-old.” All the more reason for parents to love the Lego Movie game even better.

According to financial experts “They have been smart” speaking of game makers and the way they have targeted popular kids’ movies as their subject matter for making the games is “brilliant.” “The story has already been written for them and the audience is there waiting.”

Some of the games include titles like Lego Star Wars, Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Harry potter, Lego Pirates of The Caribbean, and Lego Bat Man. Fans are reporting the same great fun out of the latest installment and sources also reveal that parents may be secretly enjoying their own part of the fun. For the fans who loved the new Lego movie, reports show the next one is already on the way. Viewers can expect to see the second Lego movie in theatres 2017. In the meantime kids and parents together can go over the currant movie in a fun action packed coin chasing adventure with the new Lego Movie video game, which some kids are saying is even better than the last.

By, Aaron Thompson



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