Limbaugh: Reid and Murray Lying About Obamacare Woes [video]

Limbaugh: Reid and Murray Lying About Obamacare Woes

Senator Harry Reid, (D) Nevada, and his distinguished colleague Senator Patty Murray, (D) Washington, have both publicly said that the stories about the damage which Obamacare is wreaking on the American public are all lies and fabrications. Rush Limbaugh, the bombastic broadcaster from the right, has called both Democrats out for lying about the Obamacare woes. It seems that the most popular lie of the past decade “if you like your policy, you can keep your policy,” is causing more damage than simply skyrocketing taxes and disappearing doctors.

Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, seems to have consistently lived up to every dire prognostication which Republicans and conservatives foretold. The act itself was dubbed as the “single greatest tax increase” in known history; not one of the lawmakers who voted for the bill has read more than a fraction of it, in its entirety. Bureaucratic panels empowered to judge whether a life-saving procedure should be paid for or not, based on criteria which are none too clear, do indeed represent “death panels.”

Senator Reid was very clear when he said that the “horror stories coming out of the news” about people suffering unduly and losing their healthcare completely, are all untrue, and fabricated out of whole cloth. In an almost knee-jerk Democrat response, Reid accused Limbaugh and Fox News of being the true sources of all that misinformation. Sadly, for the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have completely lost their insurance, Reid could not be more wrong. It almost seems as if Reid and Murray cannot help but lie about the woes of Obamacare, with Limbaugh being the most likely target.

Senator Murray was equally disingenuous, when she announced on the Senate floor that people should stop listening to the Rush Limbaugh Show, because he was spreading lies about Obamacare.

This is hardly the first time the Democrat senator from Nevada has opened his mouth and inserted his foot, where Limbaugh is concerned. Back in 2007, Senator Reid wrote a letter and had 40 of his Democrat colleagues cosign it, asking the CEO of Clear Channel broadcasting to basically fire Limbaugh for comments he made on his show. Limbaugh of course, who had only spoken the truth, took to the airwaves asking why the Democrat Speaker of the House had attempted to have a private citizen fired, from the bully pulpit of the Senate floor.

Limbaugh then made history by auctioning off the letter on eBay for an unprecedented $2,100,100 which he donated to the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Fund, after matching the amount. Limbaugh sits on the board of the fund, which donates free-ride scholarships to the children of fallen American heroes.

Since Obama was inaugurated to office in 2009, there are fewer Americans with health insurance – by percentages and real numbers. Unfortunately, many of those newly uninsured Americans were suffering from medical conditions which required very special insurance coverages. The Affordable Care Act has proven so onerous, costly and labyrinthine that it is causing far more damage than the Democrats seem to have anticipated. In that no Republican had their name anywhere near the passage of the ACA, it is politically critical for the Democrats to paint is rosy a picture about its application, as possible.

These terrible horror stories regarding Obamacare could well spell the end of the Democrat majority in the Senate, as well as costing them the presidency come 2016. Limbaugh is correct to point out that Reid and Murray are lying about the Obamacare woes, because the major media seems disinclined to call them out on it.

Commentary by Ben Gaul


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