Mamoru Samuragochi: Confessions of a Fraudulent Composer

Mamoru Samuragochi: Confessions of a Fraudulent ComposerThe deaf Japanese composer Mamoru Samuragochi has created an iconic image for himself, having been considered the “Japanese Beethoven of our time” for his highly-praised classical symphonies. His work has been expected to play during the the skating competition of this years Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Unfortunately,  the highly-exalted Japanese composer recently expressed his remorse in his confessions as a fraudulent composer.

The Japanese composer dropped the bomb which left many in disbelief today when he confessed that he had hired a ghost writer to write his most famous works, including his Symphony No. 1: Hiroshima that the artist said had been dedicated to those in the Hiroshima bombing. It was this symphony that arguably gained Samuragochi the recognition that he has today. However, with the continuing confessions of the fraudulent composer Mamoru Samuragochi , it seems as if his greatest composition was only that of this elaborate scam.

Further developments have created an uproar from the fans who had considered Samuragochi an inspirational genius. Upon his confessions, the ghost writer stepped forward to add further salt to the wound. A man by the name of Takashi Niigaki not only admitted that he had been working for Samuragochi for the last eighteen years, but made further accusations against Samuragochi in regard to the composer’s ailment which left him deaf. In his official statement, Niigaki disclosed that he had received the equivalent of seven million dollars to work for Samuragochi and further went on to say that he questioned the composer being deaf as an elaborate hoax in the attempt to create a Beethoven-like image. In the wake of these confessions, made by a fraudulent composer, fans of Mamoru Samuragochi have reacted with a spectrum of mixed emotions, ranging from disbelief, sympathy, outrage and remorse. In addition, Samuragochi has also received a lawsuit following his declaration of fraudulence.

When discussing the matter in front of a live conference, Niigaki stated, “Samuragochi said that if I did not accept the position that he would kill himself.” The news of Mamoru Samuragochi’s confessions as a fraudulent composer couldn’t come at a worse time, what with the Japanese skater Daisuke Takahasi scheduled to perform Hiroshima, which had inspired many Japanese during the wake of the 2011 tsunami. According to Niigaki, “Takahasi had nothing to do with this accident, and I don’t want him involved in the situation.”  As a result, the Japanese skater issued a statement saying that he was completely unaware that Samuragochi had not created the work, but intended to perform to Hiroshima despite the recent news.

Following the composer’s recent confessions, Samuragochi’s record label Nippon Columbia Co. also issued a statement that they were under the impression that Samuragochi was the creator of his works and further apologized for his fraudulence which they were infuriated about. As for Samuragochi, he issued an apology saying that, “I’m sorry for upsetting my fans. I know there are no excuses for what I’ve done.”

It was only last year that Mamoru Samuragochi seemed to be at the peak of his career, a career that seemingly crashed overnight in response to his confessions of being a fraudulent composer.

By Aaron Weis

New York Times
The Guardian