Mexico: Heavyweight Drug Lord Knocked Out

Mexico: Heavyweight Drug Lord Knocked OutRecently, confirmation has surfaced from Mexico that Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was taken into custody early on Saturday morning. According to official statements, it was at approximately 6:30 a.m. in Mexico City when Mexican Marines collaborating with both the Marshal Services and the United States Drug Enforcement Agency detained “El Chapo” in his beach side apartment. Prior to his arrest, Guzman was wanted as the most omnipotent drug lord in the entirety of  of the world. Consequently, his arrest is highly celebrated by all parties involved, when considering how the most high exalting heavyweight drug lord has finally been knocked out of the drug world.

According to federal law officials, it was the insight provided by the Homeland Department of Investigations that eventually lead the authorities of Mexico to Guzman’s location. When discussing the matter, Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States noted, “This arrest is a victorious moment for both the citizens of the United States and Mexico.” Also speaking on the arrest was Jesus Murillo Karam, the Attorney general of Mexico. In his statement, Karam gave a detailed account of several different operations that occurred between the 13th and 17th of February that connected a variety of homes to the Mexican sewer system. In addition, Karam stated that Guzman had been within the sights of Mexican authorities on several occasions during that time-frame, however, no arrests where made due to the fact that there were concerns of the well-being of the general public and the possibility of escape for Guzman.

The knockout of the heavyweight drug lord from Mexico is portrayed as “a significant achievement” according to Holder. The arrest made today of Joaquin Guzman is being compared as of equal importance to the the notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar back in the late 1980’s. Guzman gained his recognition as a legendary drug lord in 2001, when he escaped from his captivity from a maximum security prison by the means of a simple laundry cart. As a result of his arrest, it is more than inevitable that his renown drug empire will collapse. It has been estimated that Guzman’s empire made him a self-made billionaire, consisting of  several different marijuana and cocaine farms. Over the last decade, it has also been estimated that his drug empire has resulted in the death of more than seventy thousand Mexicans. Also, it has been documented that Guzman’s operations have been is the most responsible operation for bringing in cocaine, meth, and heroin into the United States. According to sources, no other organization compares to the amount that Guzman has supplied. Further statements mention how Guzman’s organization, the Sinaloa Carte, is responsible for hundreds, if not thousands of murders, and in some cases executed by his own hands.

Upon his arrest, Marines wearing masks escorted the fifty-six year old Guzman to a helicopter, so that he could be trialed in Brooklyn, New York. For many living in Mexico, the news of the authorities knocking out this widely-acclaimed drug lord seems to be somewhat of a speculative joke, as Guzman has been considered as “the godfather of the drug world.” Following his stories of escaping prison, and his wealth, Guzman was thought to be untouchable by many. However, according to authorities, it was his wealth that was his fatal err, as DEA agent Micheal Vigil noted in his statement,” Guzman grew tired of having to live up in the mountains without being able to enjoy the luxuries of his wealth. As he became to be complacent he began to start coming into the city, and this is where he  made his mistake.”

By Aaron Weis

Wall Street Journal
Business Week
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