NASA Vs IPhone Space Apps What to Download Free for the Iphone 6



It is rumored that the iPhone 6 should be released sometime 2014. According to Tech Radar, September seems like the most likely time; however, no one knows for sure. Advancements in technology continue to amaze the population. People always want the latest and most exciting toys. Science plays a big hand in technology becoming more and more futuristic. One way to keep up to date with all of the latest science news is by downloading the latest free apps through their iPhone, or upcoming iPhone 6. NASA is at the forefront of universal discovery continuing to amaze even the biggest of science buffs.

NASA’s app, as beautiful as it is advertised on its official website, it has received some negative reviews. If one is planning on buying the iPhone 6 to stay up-to-date with technology, they might be interested to hear about the latest great space apps for download as well.

Starting with NASA; the free app available displays in tile format with options to click on like missions, images, videos, tweets, TV & radio, news & features etc. Despite the three star review and the two comments in the iPhone app store calling it poor and confusing, it was not particularly awful. It was easy to navigate and the image section has quite the collection of awe-inspiring galaxy and planet photos. If photographic astronomy is of particular interest, one can simply download the “Picture of the day” NASA app.

If people want their mind blown they should definitely download Exoplanet. This app is free and is way more interesting than NASA’s. It tracks planets that orbit other stars outside of our solar system. One can learn a lot about the science behind how this works. People can also visit the all the different galaxies by zooming in on all of the stars which are clearly marked with their names. On your Iphone6’s sapphire display it should look truly amazing. One can also share any view of the stars they wish through social media! The app also offers news, correlation diagrams and a number of paid add-on’s to choose from.

Another free app for iPhone or iPhone 6 is purely named Cosmic Discoveries, which was created by the American Museum of Natural History. 1000 images, carefully gathered of recent space missions can be seen by zooming in on the planet artistically displayed on the home page. There is also a stories section if one would like to expand on their current knowledge of the universe.

Planets is a free app that gives a 3D view of the Milky Way galaxy. The app helps people spot planets from wherever they happen to be standing with their phone. Quite astounding.

For those people interested specifically in the red planet, Mars Globe is a free app that allows one to feel as if they are holding the planet in their hands. People can rotate the planet or zoom in to see more details. The High definition version is available also at a cost of 99 cents.

There are many free apps about space available currently for the iPhone, and some paid apps that offer even more details than one could imagine. NASA does have a multitude of other downloadable free apps that were developed along with their main one that would be worth checking out, however, one will likely be impressed by what other companies have created. While iPhone junkies await the iPhone 6, one can only imagine how many other incredible space apps will come to market.

By Katie Sevigny


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