NBA All-Star Game Showcases Durant New Attitude

nbaThis Sunday night NBA fans will marvel at the amazing physical gifts of their b-ball heroes. The 2014 NBA All-star game promises to give the people what they want, flash, dunks and excitement. The biggest stars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant will lead the respective conference all-stars in what’s sure to be a shoot-out. In addition to banging dunks, raining threes and dazzling passes, Kevin Durant’s new attitude will be showcased during this NBA all-star game.

Durant began the season with a determination to take his game to a new level. He let it be known that he was tired of being the second best player on the planet. Of course if he is number two then all world, living legend, LeBron James is the top player walking the planet right now. In fact some would say that the NBA is in the “Era of LeBron.” Considering that James has won four of the last five league MVP awards and two straight NBA championships, its easy to see why this would be the prevailing thought. Durant however, wants to put his own stamp on history.

To start the year Durant went on a historic scoring binge that ranks him with the greatest names in the game. What has fans and players alike looking at Durant, as a real threat to James’ MVP supremacy is the fact that he has elevated his entire game. Everyone already knew he could score.  The man wakes up in the morning already in the “zone.” What stands out is that his rebounding and assists have gone up so much this year that he flirts with a triple-double ever time he steps on the floor.

Many other NBA superstars are conflicted about who the MVP will be. They all agree that there is not much separating Kevin Durant and LeBron James as far as talent. So it really will come down to Durant continuing on his torrid pace. James has gone on record saying he feels Durant coming for his MVP crown, but that just motivates him to play harder. NBA fans appreciate two of the games biggest stars upping their game.

This evolution all began with Durant shifting his mindset. The declaration at the beginning of the season that he would no longer settle for being second in the league was the beginning. That new attitude will be on showcase this Sunday during the All-star game with the NBA and the entire world watching.

What has been especially impressive is that Durant is doing all of this without Russell Westbrook. Westbrook probably the league’s best sidekick, went out with an injury at the beginning of the season. Last year when he was hurt, the Thunder were not as effective. It really showed in the playoffs when the Memphis Grizzlies beat them. Now this year without Westbrook the Thunder are an impressive 22-8 and have the best record in the league. In the past Durant has not played consistently well without Westbrook. This year is different. It has OKC fans hopeful that when the young star comes back the Thunder will be even better.

Kevin Durant has a specific goal in mind and that is ascending to a new level as a player while taking his team to the NBA championship. There will be no bigger stage for Durant to showcase his new attitude than tonight’s NBA All-star game.

Editorial by Tony Bowers


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