Netflix Instant Guide to Great and Underrated Movies


The Netflix Instant streaming service has become a large part of America’s entertainment culture, but there are few guides on what movies are truly good. Millions of subscribers can stream their favorite movies and TV shows at their will. But it can be tough to browse through the thousands of selections in order to find that “perfect” movie to watch. But fear not, for a list of excellent films that may have been overlooked await to be seen.

Broadcast News – This underrated comedy/drama is a fascinating character study that has some clever things to say about the news industry, and it put the viewer in the middle of a vivid love triangle. The three main leads played by William Hurt, Albert Brooks, and Holly Hunter offer some of the best performances of their careers. The film’s plot examines the careers of three co-workers, which involve two men competing for both a top news job and for a talented female producer. This very entertaining movie by James L. Brooks features some sharp dialogue in very “real” situations; it should not be missed.

Day of the Dead – If somebody out there has not seen this movie and is a zombie fan, then this film must be watched immediately. It is a required viewing experience for zombie-heads. Day of the Dead was written and directed by the king of zombie movies, George A. Romero. This great and underrated horror takes place in an underground bunker, and it involves miscalculated scientific experiments and zombies roaming all over the place. It is pure chaos that is very well put together in mixing scares and drama. There are numerous thrills to be found in this great horror that is highlighted by amazing special effects done by the master, Tom Savini.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi – This is one of the best documentaries currently streaming on Netflix Instant, and the movie can easily be recommended in a guide of great and underrated films. Sushi is proven to be an art form in this documentary about world-renowned sushi chef, Jiro Ono. The film examines how Jiro has gracefully perfected the art of making sushi in his small, but wildly popular restaurant. His $300 charge for a plate sushi is shown to be not just a dinner, but it turns into a life changing experience. Those who like insightful entertainment and the examining of other cultures will love this movie.

Dear Zachary – This absolute shocking and compelling documentary will likely leave viewers with a shortness of breath after the film ends. The documentary examines the mystery in the death of Andrew Bagby, who was murdered soon after he broke up with his girlfriend. Director and writer Kurt Kuenne was a close friend of Bagby, and he uniquely shapes this documentary as a tribute, love letter, mystery, and emotional roller coaster. The intensity of the situations and the pure love in this movie make it a must-see.

World’s Greatest Dad – Robin Williams gives an incredible performance in this very dark comedy that should not be missed on Netflix Instant. In being expertly written and directed by 1980’s comedy star, Bobcat Goldthwait, this film involves a father covering up a secret dealing with his son that may or may not pay off. World’s Greatest Dad can be darkly funny at times, but it also has some very dramatic and sweet moments that make it a refreshing experience. Robin Williams brings his character of a troubled father to life, and he makes the film a must-see just because of his performance, alone.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil – This cult comedy/horror is immensely likable, and the movie is a hysterical thrill ride that is carried by the fun and likable performances of its two leads played by Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk. The film reverses the old horror movie formula, and it has the college kids attacking the two country boys after they are stereotyped for being hillbilly killers. The primary misunderstanding that takes place has some hilariously gruesome consequences. Any fan of comedy and horror should not miss this awesome little film on Netflix.

With almost too many choices to choose from on Netflix’s Instant streaming lists, this guide on great and underrated movies could help make a person’s night a little better. Since 38 percent of Americans use Netflix, there are many people who are actively searching the application for a decent movie to watch. All of these excellent films are streaming on Netflix Instant right now, and they are all ready to be watched.

Opinion by Glen Parris

USA Today

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