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In New York City, a Brooklyn bus was the location of a shooting that happened Friday morning. Jowainza Moloney, 31, was shot in the hand by Sean McTerell, 47. The two men were on a B12 bus on New York Avenue in Brownsville before 10 a.m. in the morning when they got into an argument. A witness who was at the scene said that the two men were arguing and McTerell pushed Moloney and then he allegedly fired shots. Moloney was then shot in his left hand and taken to Brooklyn University Hospital with a non-life threatening injury.

It was reported that McTerell was asking riders for money, when he asked Moloney he refused to give McTerell money. Carlina Nichols, one of the riders, said that McTerell then asked a mother with her child for money. McTerell then Interrupted Moloney by saying that he is an adult and needs to get a job. He continued by telling the man to stop asking people for money. McTerell then allegedly told the bus driver he was going to kill Moloney, made racist comments towards Moloney and threatened him. Both the police and witnesses reported that at 9:50 a.m., McTerell allegedly pulled out a nine millimeter gun and then fired his gun four times  into the crowd; one of the shots hit McTerrell in the left hand and nearly hit Nichols.

Witnesses also said that Moloney continued to fight with McTerell despite his injuries. The driver of the New York City bus stayed calm and drove the bus to the 73rd precinct; the two continued wrestling as the bus doors opened. A second witness, Jahid Bhuiyan, said that four or five guys caught the shooter and held him down at the location. The bus then stopped in front of the precinct, where a cop who was off-duty got on the bus and arrested the shooter, who tried to flee. Police later found the gun and McTerell was taken into custody – he was also questioned. McTerell was charged with assault, weapon possession, reckless endangerment and attempted murder.

Tony Herbert, a community activist, commented on the incident by saying that the current legislative laws that are in place are not working because people are still shooting guns. He continued by saying that these people are not just shooting them in Brownsville and that it is still a problem. He says that he is criticizing the legislation that is not in place to make sure the individuals who commit those crimes are aware of the detriment of what they are doing. Nichols saw McTerell as a hero by saying that McTerell tussled Moloney down so he would not hurt anyone else.

A Brooklyn bus from New York City became a dangerous place for a group of riders after Moloney allegedly shot McTerell in the hand. The shooting happened during an altercation between the two men. The dangerous location soon calmed down after the bus stopped at the 73rd precinct and the two men rolled out in front of the station. Nichols was shocked when the incident occurred. She said she was in shock, as anyone would be, and was in a lot of shock. She said that everything was crazy and that she tried to get off the bus because the bullet went past her face. The man was allegedly charged with weapon possessions, assault, attempted murder and reckless endangerment.

By Jordan Bonte


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  1. Pariah's Perch   February 2, 2014 at 2:40 am

    Very poorly written article! Last paragraph switches the victim and perpetrator’s names and uses the same words over and over. Poor grammar and elementary language??? WTF?

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