Pennsylvania Turnpike Suffers 100 Car Accident With at Least 30 Injured

PennsylvaniaThe Pennsylvania turnpike was at a complete standstill as more than 100 vehicles piled up in a massive accident leaving a current injury count of at least 30 individuals. The specific cause of the accident has not yet been determined, however it is likely that icy weather conditions may have played a factor in the massive multi-car pileup.

Reports suggest that at least 30 individuals have been injured and transported to local Pennsylvania hospitals. According to the Pennsylvania turnpike commission, all of the injured are expected to survive. The pileup took place on I-276 near Bensalem, Pa. and local officials say it could be one of the worst accidents that has happened in the area, in terms of vehicles involved. Thankfully, no fatalities have been reported by officials covering the scene.

Reports vary concerning the make-up of the crash site, however it appears that there were two major accident locations somewhat separate from one another, with one pileup involving close to 75 vehicles and the other around 25 vehicles. Local Pennsylvania officials suspect that the ice and sun-glare are largely to blame, but have yet to understand the full dynamics of the massive accident.

For now, the injured, worst of which are suffering from serious but non life-threatening injuries, are being treated at surrounding hospitals and officials are working to grasp a full understanding of what transpired. The Pennsylvania turnpike’s 100 car pileup which has currently reported 30 injuries however, has thankfully left no reported fatalities. Unfortunately, anxious commuters, and those hoping for a glitch-free “holiday” will have to patiently wait as officials work to investigate and eventually clear the turnpike.

By Daniel Worku




NY Daily