Post Super Bowl Winter Weather Causing a Nightmare

winter weatherThere was so much talk about the potential for disaster at the first cold weather Super Bowl that when kick off rolled around and the temperature at Metlife Stadium was a balmy 45 degrees every news caster seemed to breathe a sigh of relief and tell the fans at home that this years Super Bowl would go off without a hitch. Well, kind of. After a cleanly run night of football, fans, players, employees and anyone else who is looking to travel in the northeast on Monday is in for a potential nightmare as winter weather spoils the post-game fun.

There is at least 6 inches of snow expected to hit New York on Monday and if you think flying out of a different city could be easier, know that Philadelphia, New York’s neighbor by only two hours to the south could receive as much as 10 inches.

CNN senior meteorologist Dave Hennen said that it is just a really horrible day to have to be doing any kind of traveling in the New York and Philadelphia regions. He said that delays are already piling up and averaging two to four hours. There are tons of cancellations and what’s worse is that the snow is not supposed to stop this evening. Not to mention that in Philadelphia the snow could return over the course of the next three days.

The three major airports in New York reported more than 700 cancellations before 10:30 a.m. Monday morning. According to Philadelphia International Airport has already cancelled more than 300 flights. Philadelphia Airport is a popular airport used by New Jersey travelers and certainly more than a few Super Bowl fans probably thought it would be wise to stay away from the NYC area post Super Bowl. Now it looks like they will be waiting through the same string of delays and cancellations as in New York, actually post Super Bowl winter weather nightmare could be even worse in Philadelphia.

Monday mornings are already one of the peak travel times at airports said AirFare’s Daniel Baker. He also said that there are tens of thousands of fans from the Super Bowl looking to travel through the air on Monday back home. That means there are almost no seats available to accommodate the many travelers being displaced right now from the cancellations this morning.

Hennen added that he would not want to be a Bronco fan right now. While Seattle fans are sitting at the airport with the joyful memories of watching their team be crowned Super Bowl champs, Broncos fans are in the midst of a Monday that can’t end fast enough and looks like it will drag on and on at the airport. Many fans will probably be stuck in New York, New Jersey or Philadelphia for at least another day as they watch their flights vanish from the departing board. There was a lot of worry about what could happen is mother nature showed up to the Super Bowl this year and it looks like the NFL spoke to soon when they said everything was on track to run smoothly, as winter weather has created a nightmare situation the day after the Super Bowl.

By Nick Manai

Weather Channel
NY Times