Samsung Galaxy S5 Getting a Fingerprint Scanner?

Samsung GalaxyIs Samsung Galaxy S5 going to copy the Apple iPhone 5S by getting a fingerprint scanner? That is something CNET is reporting as a confirmed accessory for the phone. However, there is still no official statement from a Samsung spokes person.

The highly anticipated Galaxy S5 is expected to be unveiled next week and the rumors of what it will include are everywhere. Some of the rumors include the introduction of two phones with slightly different specifications and that the phone will have the new Android 4.4 KitKat software. The latter is extremely likely considering the software is the newest and used on various other devices on the market. There is no point for Samsung to take a step back.

There is still no official confirmation that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will even be released at the end of the month. The rumors started when O2’s German website reported that the new phone would be unveiled by the end of the month. The website also offered some of the other rumors, which included a water-resistant body after showing the phone being dipped in water in a teaser commercial.

The water-resistant body is possible. Samsung Vice President Dong-hoon spoke to inews24, a Korean media company, informally. He mentioned how the phone would use a different material for the body, hinting that a metal shell-case would be used. If not metal, it is likely to use a carbon-fiber body. A water-resistant body is something that no other competitor has come out with.

It is a shame that that cannot be said for the fingerprint scanner that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumored to be getting. Like the Apple iPhone 5S, the scanner will be on the home button. It has raised many questions about whether Samsung can come up with anything new and innovative? However, it seems that Samsung has decided the scanner will be used for much more than just unlocking the device.

According to the CNET report, the Galaxy’s fingerprint scanner will also be used to do other tasks on the phone, including opening apps. Could it be a way for the company to get around the problem of children using apps and purchasing credit or products without their parents’ knowledge or permission?

The device will allow up to seven fingerprints to be stored. They can be assigned different tasks, making it possible to have one able to do everything while others can simply use certain items on the device. There will be limitations, though. One of these is that the finger used for scanning much be dry. This could cause issues when it comes to using the phone outside in the rain or just after washing hands.

There have been other rumors that iris-scanning software will also be included. However, The New York Times now believes that this will not happen for the newest Galaxy S5 phone.

It does seem likely that the new phone will be released soon. It was March last year when the S4 was released, and most companies are now sticking to a yearly release for updates and new models. Whether the Samsung Galaxy S5 is getting a fingerprint scanner or not though is still very much in question, but CNET really believes it so.

Editorial by Alexandria Ingham



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