Samsung Galaxy S5 to Be Waterproof

samsung galaxy s5

Mobile World Congress is fast approaching and one of the most awaited products to be seen there is the new Samsung Galaxy S5, which is rumored to be waterproof. Latest rumors state that network carrier O2 in Germany teased the upcoming mobile’s impermeable feature phone thanks to an image of a Galaxy S5 dipped in water. Although the waterproof characteristic was present in larger version of the S4, named Active, the standard model of the next generation of Samsung smartphones is said to include this feature.

Experts hope that if the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is indeed going to be waterproof, it will not be as large and thick as its predecessor. If rumors are true, the South Korean company will join Sony as makers of waterproof mobile phones and solve problems like spilling a drink on the phone, bathing with it or accidental falls in the toilet. Unnamed sources also mentioned that S5 will include a fingerprint sensor built into the home button in order to boost biometric security. Unlike its rival, Apple and its iPhone 5s’ TouchID sensor, the only thing users who own a Samsung Galaxy S5 will have to do is swipe a digit across the button to unlock the handset.

Countdown Has Begun  

ZDNet Korea stated that the standard model for Samsung’s new phone is expected to be unveiled next week, during Mobile World Congress in Spain and the most talked-about feature is waterproof capability, so that “users can clean the phone with water while it can sustain short durations of dunking the phone in water.”

“For the Samsung Galaxy S5, the standard model will have them (water and dust-proof capabilities) immediately,” an unnamed source told ZDNet Korea.

Moreover, the Korean technology giant is supposedly using the U.S. fingerprint solution maker Validity’s chips, but although it might resemble rival Apple’s features, Samsung is believed to offer its users the possibility to swipe the home button to unlock the phone.

Teaser Image Revealed

Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumored to be waterproof, but while images of a phone dipped in water clearly showed the Korean company’s plans as far as this feature is concerned, a new teaser image shows nine characteristics that might be representative for the upcoming model, especially since they all have the digit five attached. The image is rumored to give a hint that the S5’s features will be speed, outdoor, curiosity, fun, social, style, privacy, fitness and life, as the symbols show.

Although the Korean company did not offer further details, it did quote physicist Niels Bohn, who won a Nobel Prize in 1992 and stated that “prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.”

Other features that might accompany Samsung Galaxy S5 are a better camera and battery, but the most ardent rumor is that the phone is going to be waterproof. A better price is also expected by analysts, although the Korean company “dominates the premium market,” but Samsung has not offered carriers a selling price yet. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 could be unveiled during next week’s Mobile World Congress in Spain.

By Gabriela Motroc

ZDNet Korea
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