Samsung Rumoured to Be Replaced by TSMC in Apple A8 Chip Manufacturing

samsungDetails about Samsung’s involvement in manufacturing Apple’s A8 chip have been apparently leaked, according to Apple fanatics. It is rumored that the South Korean company, Samsung, has apparently stepped out of the production of the Apple A8 chip altogether and manufacturing will now be done completely by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). This gives the impression that the relationship between Samsung and Apple has been even further strained. Samsung has been manufacturing all of the processing chips for Apple to date and if they did indeed pull out of manufacturing the A8 chips, some believe it may mean a splitting of sides due to their constant competition with one another. Samsung has been manufacturing tablets and these have put a serious dent in iPad sales. The Samsung tablets are becoming popular as they are known for faster speeds as well as having more options for professional use.

It was announced in 2013 that TSMC would be manufacturing the A8 chips but it was originally planned that it would be a shared partnership with Samsung providing 30 percent of the manufacturing and TSMC providing 70 percent. It appears as though it may be the case, considering the rumors of the South Korean company stepping out. If the rumours are true, some may not be surprised as it was speculated that Samsung had trouble meeting the demands of Apple using only 20 nanometer technology. The choice would make sense to solely use TSMC in manufacturing the A8 chips as they have more experience in this area of technology and would be able to yield faster products.

However, some have said that the production of A9 processors is said to be shared by both parties, which would mean that there is no break of relations between Samsung and Apple. The fact that A8 chips seem likely to be given to TSMC does not necessarily mean that Samsung and Apple have cut ties. Apparently, Samsung will obtain orders in 2015 for the A9 processors and handle 40 percent of the manufacturing with TSMC handling 60 percent. TSMC will start the manufacturing of the A9 with 16-nanometer technology, then Samsung will contribute with a 14-nanometre technical process.

There are reports that Apple is using the new A8 chip for the iPad Air but there is no news of whether it will be used in the iPad 2. Recent iPhone rumors talk of a larger screen with more advanced display technology. There are also talks of Apple building a sapphire glass plant in Arizona which are leading many to speculate that the iPhone 6 will have a synthetic crystal ingredient and may be more durable. If this is true, many iPhone users will be saving money on screen replacements. In regard to appearance, there is speculation that the new phone will have a rounded look. The camera is also said to increase in its number of megapixels and will also be better for low light setting. This is a complaint that many have expressed about previous iPhones; while the photos are clear in daylight settings, the low light photos leave a little to be desired. The question still remains open on whether or not Samsung will be manufacturing the A8 chip, or if it will be done solely by TSMC. Most believe that the new iPhone will be released in the fall but optimists prefer to believe there is a possibility for an even sooner release. With TSMC, the biggest independent semiconductor factory in the world, it may be plausible.

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