Selena Gomez Survives

Selena Gomez Survives
Actress, singer and cougar extraordinaire Selena Gomez survives 2 weeks out of a 45-day rehab stint in Arizona. The 21-year-old is most famous for her relationship with younger pop star Justin Bieber, and her music career. These days, Gomez is creating a buzz over her recent stay at the Dawn at the Meadows rehab facility in January. The facility specializes in substance abuse and mental health among people aged 18 to 26. Gomez decided to leave the rehab program 14 days later, to promote her film Rudderless at Sundance. Gomez then opted not to return and complete the rest of her 45 days and has not continued therapy.

It seems that Sundance must have been a wake up call for Gomez, either in awakening addictions or validating renewed health. The big issue is in determining why Gomez would cancel her Australian tour to seek professional help, but then leave help behind. There has been much speculation regarding Gomez’s reasons for attending rehab in the first place. Top contenders are substance abuse and Justin Bieber heartbreak.

Originally, Gomez was scheduled to appear in Japan and Australia from January to February, completing her six month tour. Just before heading out to Tokyo, Gomez withdrew 13 shows in order to attend rehab. Gomez has been a solid role model throughout the years, rarely caught causing trouble. The ex-Disney star and UNICEF supporter caused quite a shock when it was revealed that she traded fans for rehab.

Initial statements released indicated that Gomez was not seeking help for substance issues. Gomez issued a personal statement explaining that she needed to take time for herself. She was allegedly exhausted from working six years without a break. However, sources have suggested other explanations for Gomez’s exhaustion. Some suggested that Gomez had a problem with alcohol, marijuana, and the sleeping pill Ambien. Other sources insist that Gomez is simply heartbroken over Bieber and his behavior. A third theory asserts that Gomez took time off to manage her autoimmune condition, lupus. Whatever the cause of Gomez’s need to check out, she survives amid the tidal wave of speculation so far.

Evidence of Gomez’s poor mental health is inconclusive. She was witnessed walking off stage during KIIS FM’s Jingle Balls show. She was also heard yelling profanity into the microphone at the same show when technical difficulties ensued. This incident is not enough to pigeonhole Gomez as someone with mental health issues. Worse behavior has been seen on stage.

Recall in 2012 when Green Day’s Billy Joe Armstrong stormed off stage, broke his guitar and yelled profanities at the crowd. Ironically, Armstrong targeted Bieber during his string of profanities. It is difficult to determine whether Bieber has any connection to Gomez’s stint in rehab. Photos of the old lovers were released on Instagram in early January, featuring them playing on segways and posing. Bieber has received a lot of attention lately, from drag racing to parading around with his new love interest. While all the attention on Bieber may be a cause for Gomez’s stress, it is doubtful Bieber is the whole reason. Gomez’s history of drug abuse is so far only fictional, as she played a drug addict party girl in the movie Springbreakers. Gomez is a growing young woman, who is smart enough to admit she needed help. She is stronger than a woman getting over a boy. If she is struggling with lupus, then certainly her fans support her. For now, Gomez survives strange speculation and rehab, with grace.

Commentary By Victoria Chuidian