Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Making 90’s Console Wars Movie

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The writers of Superbad and This Is The End are coming together for another project, but this one is about growing up with video games in the 90’s. Dynamic duo Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are knees deep in movie after movie but they’ve made a commitment to work on a movie for the old school gamers. Rogen and Goldberg intend to write, direct, and produce the movie Console Wars, based on the book “Console Wars.”

The 1990’s were a time of transition as well as growth. As the video game powerhouse Nintendo continued to expand, the small Sega team gathered their strength and imagination for a battle that would be present across the globe. According to the book synopsis on Amazon, the console war was a vicious battle that could be seen on multiple fronts.

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Rogen and Goldberg are known for working together and getting amazing results, but they will not be alone in this project. Author Blake Harris will act as Executive Producer and Veteran Scott Rudin (responsible for The Social Network and Moneyball) will work together under Sony Pictures to bring to life to this thriller-business-documentary-hybrid about the console war between Nintendo and Sega in the 90’s. The content is something a lot of people grew up with or around. In his book, Harris clearly illustrates a global industry that has been present in the lives of many.

Harris’ book “Console Wars” releases in May, but the movie adaptation is already in the works. Based on more than two hundred interviews, this film shows the story from Sega’s side as well as Nintendo’s to fully illustrate the world of video games as accurately as possible. Getting deeper into the details, the movie will follow Tom Kalinske, an imaginative man who works best with his back against the wall, as he works with his team of dedicated individuals to challenge the gaming juggernaut of the world.

seth rogen console wars evan goldberg Blake Harris

Unfortunately, no release date for the movie Console Wars has been announced. It has also not been revealed who will take on the role of Tom Kalinske (who will likely be the movie’s protagonist). According to Toby Mundy, founder of Atlantic Books, “It should appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike.” With the addition of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the movie adaptation will likely reach an even larger audience.

With no release date on the movie Console Wars it seems excited fans will have to wait until May 13 to get their hands on the book “Console Wars.” The battle between Nintendo and Sega is one most could use more information on, Harris’ enormous scope of the situation has the potential to bring life into something most already forgot about. The concept of bringing together excellent staff (Rogen, Goldberg, Rudin, and Harris) along with accurate interviews makes for excellent potential in a project that could make a lot of people happy. Hopefully this idea will come to fruition on the big screen.

By Garrett Jutte
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