Simon Cowell Becomes Baby Daddy

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell became a proud father on Friday the 14th, Valentine’s Day. The music mogul was in good form. He was photographed smoking a cigarette outside the hospital, looking rather relaxed and proud. His girlfriend, Lauren Silverman gave the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift, a health baby boy, making Simon Cowell a daddy at the grand old age of 54. It is said that Laura Silverman gave birth in the same private suite that singer Beyoncé had her daughter in 2012.

While Lauren Silverman’s pregnancy was reportedly unplanned, the X Factor judge has been supportive, embracing his new role as a father. The X Factor judge is known for his trademark dry humor and the withering looks he casts on contestants. He has remained a bachelor for most of his life, maintaining what insiders call a “harem” of ex-girlfriends. Sinitta is said to be one of the ex-girlfriends, who remains closest to the music mongul.

Not everyone was happy about the surprise pregnancy. Sinitta was initially shocked and angered by the news. She was quick to point out the fact that Simon Cowell never wanted children. As a consequence, Sinitta ended her unplanned pregnancy in the 80s, a decision which proved “devastating” for both of them.

Simon Cowell
A humorous photo ex-girlfriend, Sinitta tweeted.

Fortunately, Sinitta, Cole and Silverman have managed to bury the hatchet. In January, the pop singer declared she was self-appointing herself as the unofficial godmother to Simon Cowell’s baby, the minute he becomes a daddy.
Sinitta says she feels the trio will become closer. She says it is nice to see her ex-boyfriend and long-time friend happy, though she concedes he has just a few months to get used to everything that parenthood involves.

For Simon’s part, he has made a rather significant u-turn on the subject of fatherhood.

In a 2009 interview with The Daily Mail, Simon famously said he couldn’t have children. He cited the strict and often inescapable routines that come with parenthood as a primary reason.

A self-confessed control freak, he admitted he would “go nuts” if he found children drawing on the walls of his house. This sentiment was the main reason he split with long-term girlfriend Terri Seymour after eight years of dating. Simon summed up his view on conventional dating, marriage and fatherhood saying, “rules equal boredom”.

It seems the music mongul has changed his ways. In November, insiders said Cowell was planning to propose to Silverman after the birth.

Poignantly, the baby boy is named after Simon’s late father, Eric Cowell. Simon was very close to his father, who died unexpectedly after a heart attack on the same day Simon celebrated his first Number One with the Irish boy band, Westlife. The death proved a great shock for Simon, who called it the “worst sense of reality” he ever felt in his life.

A baby will present a new kind of shock, albeit a happy one, as Simon Cowell becomes a daddy for the first time.

By Simone Innamorati


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