Suicide Bomb Instructor Accidentally Kills Student Insurgents

Suicide bomb trainer kills his training insurgents accidentallyA suicide bomb instructor accidentally detonated a car bomb on Monday while training a group of terrorist insurgents. According to police 22 militants were killed and at least 15 others were wounded in the explosion at the militant compound. Security forces rushed over to the area after hearing the loud explosion and arrested a number of men who were trying to flee.

The militant trainees were learning to make car bombs and explosive belts when a glitch accidentally set off one of their devices. The commander who was conducting the training is described by an Iraqi Army officer as a prolific recruiter who finally killed the “bad guys” for once, referring to the trainees.

Recruiters are known to use the “sales” pitch that martyrdom is a sure ticket to gain entrance into heaven and there are virgins that await their arrival. Officers have sarcastically said after learning of the explosion, “Maybe now these guys will really get to heaven as they claim.”

Loads of other explosives were found at the camp. According to officials, these included at least 10 vehicles with explosives packed inside, ready for operations in addition to heavy weapons. After searching two houses and a garage in the same area authorities found a number of explosive belts, car and roadside bombs.

On Monday evening a worker at a liquor store near an area that was hit by a suicide bomber last week, said when he heard the news he burst out laughing. The worker, Raad Hashim, said this just shows how stupid these dogs and their “sons of dogs” are. Hashim said even though it is very funny it also pains him to think about all the innocent people who were just killed there.

Last week suicide bombers struck a well-known falafel shop located near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs killing several people. Hashim said this is just God showing justice. He believes God is sending a message to all the criminals and bad people in the world that it is time to bring peace and stop the injustice. The store worker said life always wins over death; evil will not have victory in the end.

Iraqi citizens were forced long ago to become accustomed to attacks on public markets, funerals, children’s soccer games and mosques. Hashim said what happened on Monday was not death, it was life to them. He said those insurgents need to burn in hell. The 22 people who died in that explosion were the same people who would have eventually killed hundreds of innocent souls.

Another area resident said he was also happy. He hopes their graves, as well as the rest of them, burn. The resident said he has a friend who was killed in 2007 by a suicide bomber. The only thing he was not happy with was the number of insurgents that died that day; he wishes it had been more.

Iraq is facing the worst violence it has seen in more than five years. Nearly 9,000 people were killed last year alone and close to 1,000 people just last month. Terrorist training camps like this one have been set up across the mountainous areas of Diyala Province. The northern Nineveh Province is now a gateway for Jihadis traveling to and from Iraq and Syria.

Nineveh’s capital, Mosul, has become a nucleus for the finance of militant groups. One Iraqi official said millions of dollars are spent monthly on extortion and many other schemes. Suicide attacks are one of the main operations financed by this stream of money.

A group of terrorist insurgents were killed when their suicide bomb trainer accidentally detonated one of the car bombs at a terrorist training camp just north of Baghdad. According to police 22 militants were killed and at least 15 other insurgents were wounded in the explosion at the militant compound.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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