Ted Cruz Joins Global Warming Debate


During a discussion on CNN on Friday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz joined the debate about Global Warming. Cruz argued that global warming is not real, and that there is no real data to support the arguments advocates make.

Cruz pointed out that over the last 15 years, there has been a change in the overall temperature of the earth. A point that has been scientifically proven. The temperature has remained the same for the last 15 years.

In the interview, Cruz was pressed about the fact that the polar arctic cap is melting.  This, according to the interviewer, was meant to prove the climate change is real.  Cruz seemed to dismiss the question, and with good reason.  Recently, the global warming advocates have stopped speaking about the arctic ice-cap melting as proof of global warming.

In a study published by the National Snow and Ice Data Center in August 2013, it was revealed that during the previous year, September 2012 to August 2013, the square miles of ice increased by 60-percent, in just one year. This has prompted many scientists to feel that the earth may actually be entering a “global cooling” period.

The introduction of the question demonstrates the ignorance of many of those who are advocating the idea of global warming. They are unaware of the recent changes that disprove their theory, but yet still use outdated information as a valid “fact” for their position.

In the interview, Cruz was asked about the comments made by Secretary of State John Kerry.  In a speech that Kerry gave over the weekend in Indonesia, he declared that climate change can now be considered “another weapon of mass destruction.” Cruz seemed amused by the comments.

He shifted the focus of the conversation to Kerry’s willingness to negotiate with Iran, a country that he said we should be worried about due to its “militant form of Islam.” Cruz argued that they are seeking to get a nuclear weapon, and he felt that this is a true and present “weapon of mass destruction” danger that Kerry should be focused on trying to stop. He added that it is “ironic” that Kerry would see a bigger threat from “your SUV in your driveway” than from the plans of Iran to build a nuclear weapon.

He made a reasonable point that the climate is changing. He spoke of how “global warming” has now been replaced by the term “climate change.” He went onto add that during the 1970s there was a concern about “global cooling.” Then when Vice-President Al Gore left office, he was focused on “global warming.” Now, he points out, the position has “morphed” into climate change. He concluded his remarks on this point, by adding that in the history of the earth, it has never occurred that “the climate did not change.”

Ted Cruz clearly wanted it be known that he is involved in the global warming debate. He didn’t shy away from any questions asked of him during the interview.

Cruz granted the interview on the same day he revealed his own energy plan for the country. He proposed many of the familiar GOP ideals, such as more drilling, increasing the amount of exploration for energy sources, and repealing many of the EPA regulations enacted during the last five years.

Cruz proposed making the private sector responsible for exploring, finding, and producing America’s energy. He added that America’s energy sources that are found in the future will not come “from the government picking winners and losers.”

Whether Cruz’s proposals are a pre-cursor to a Presidential run is unknown. One thing is clear, however; Ted Cruz has joined the global warming debate.

Opinion by Robert Pannier


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8 Responses to Ted Cruz Joins Global Warming Debate

  1. L July 20, 2014 at 6:46 pm

    Dave, the only problem with your statement is that you haven’t researched the issue. CO2 levels need to be 100 times current levels to create any problem for us; they are now at virtually the lowest levels in world history. Furthermore, the climate is changing all the time, and no one has as yet produced a scintilla of legitimate evidence that mankind has anything to do with it. You need to RESEARCH THIS STUFF YOURSELF before accepting politically based drivel from party hacks intent on furthering socialist programs intended to damage the economy for political gain.

  2. L July 20, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    Chet, you may be right about ice in the Arctic, but one patch of sea is not the world. Antarctic ice is at record levels, and the world has been cooling for fifteen years now, and is expected by legitimate scientists to cool for forty or fifty more. The “scientists” behind the global warming fraud admitted their perfidy in 2010, and everyone but you and the presstitutes has moved on to legitimate areas of scientific inquiry. because this issue is settled. Your folks were BOUGHT for money by the powers that be, sorry. You need to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before you buy off on the lies of the socialists.


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