Terrorism Black Smoke Covering the Capital of Egypt


Terrorism black smoke is back  when a huge explosion hit the Ministry of Interior, the Islamic Museum as well as some other buildings in the area nearby. The explosion took place on the eve before the third anniversary of 2011 revolution, through which the autocratic regime of former president Hosny Mubarak was terminated. This act of terrorism resulted in black smoke covering the capital.

The first blast seems to be caused by a suicide attacker driving a vehicle that was parked right in front of the police headquarters in Cairo. General Hany Abd El Latif, Interior Ministry spokesman explained that the explosion was caused by a car bomb that hit cement blocks located five yards  away from the gates of the building.  The second explosion was a smaller one and it hit another police station in El Dokki.

Apart from the black smoke that covered the region, five people died and many others were wounded in this apparent act of terrorism. Several levels of the high-rise security building were damaged. The facade of the Islamic Art Museum, which was recently redone, was destroyed, in addition to some luxurious rare antiquities.

After such a heartless, vile, unforgettable crime, many questions popped into Egyptians’ minds. Who does this? What is the purpose behind destroying the key symbol of power in the country? Which group of people are aggravated and angry because a new constitution was formed to replace the old one and are against any celebrations of any revolutions and thus decided to kill innocent people to create a sense of political unrest and insecurity?

Although none of these questions has been answered yet, it was clearly shown that the “banned” Muslim Brotherhood group is the missing link, for many reasons : first, an active militant group called Ansar Bait al-Maqdis,  (Supporters of Jerusalem) claimed responsibility for the most recent terrorist attacks, aiming to avenge the killings of the overthrown President Morsi supporters as well as achieving their hopeless, unlawful demands of the return of their former President’s rule.

Surprisingly , this militant group is known to be funded by the head leader of the Muslim Brotherhood group, Khairat el Shater. Thus, the Muslim Brotherhood group and Ansar Bait al Maqdis group are two sides of the same coin.  Second, one of the main leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood group, Mohamad Al Beltagy, right after former president Morsi was overthrown, said, “The terrorist attacks taking place in Sinai will immediately halt by the time President Morsi returns to his rule, ending what he calls “the coup”.  Last but not least, the Muslim Brotherhood movement was declared a terrorist group by the government long time ago due to the Sinai insurgency as well as the al Quidiseen Church bombing in Alexandria, in which a car bomb explosion outside a church killed around 21 innocent people on their feast, a similar act of violence.

The Interior Minister, Mohamad Ibrahim, described the attacks as desperate terrorist violence in an attempt to create chaos, spread fear and risk public security, but he assured citizens and encouraged them to remain resilient and to increasingly insist on joining the masses in millions under the protection of security forces to defy and fight against the black terrorism appearing in the form of black smoke covering the capital of Egypt.

By: Mona Salman

The New York Times

CBS News

Daily News Egypt

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